Are There Good Personal Safety Secrets?

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As women, we’re extra tuned into what people are saying even when they aren’t speaking words. This moment Women’s Personal Safety Secret should, therefore, make a good deal of sense.

Good To Know

Making the hints into habit will require a bit more work but will be well worth it! the attacker mindset comprises low self-esteem, feeling insecure and out of control. This implies attackers are already in a weakened state. So as to find the “power repair” they need, they need to succeed at the assault. This inspires them look for somebody who appears weaker than themselves.

Looking feeble and being weak are two distinct things. You can be quite confident but look weak by simply being distracted with a mobile phone conversation. You might also have a terrible day but portray yourself as strong and confident by simply adjusting your body language. Consider that whatever you’re feeling on the inside is showing on the outside and attackers are rather good at reading body language.


Confident body language is quite important to teach kids. Pedophiles use it to pick victims. Most of us must learn how to hold our heads up additional high when we aren’t feeling our most powerful to counteract the standard slump that communicates a challenging day. Since they’re insecure cowards seeking to attack people poorer than they are, all of us want to appear large, powerful and confident.

  • Hold up your head – this makes you taller so you look larger, stronger and more assured.
  • Keep your shoulders back – it’s physically impossible to appear weak when your shoulders are back.
  • Look side to side as you walk – that makes you seem aware of your environment.
  • Swing your arms – that makes you larger because you literally take up more space in front of and behind you.
  • Walk with purpose – that makes you seem strong and confident.
  • Be prepared to shout, drop what you’re carrying and run – material possessions aren’t worth risking your life for.


Now, you’ll be more aware of other people’s body language and that of your own. If you’re a woman with children or teens, you’ll find how much more confidently they encounter once they create confident body language to a custom. You will feel more confident about their security and will have fun sharing these tips with other women and men!

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