Am I Elegant?

Side view of senior woman laughing on gray background. Profile view of mature woman in black casuals looking happy

As an American society we are taught from a young age that first impressions are vitally important. So as to see why, one only has to observe how somebody walks into a room. It’s human nature to continuously make appraisals and even stereotypes. What do you consider a lady sashaying through a door, elegant and truly elegant? But what’s tasteful, and how did she gat that way?


It is more than only a first impression; it’s a feeling, a lifestyle, and an aura all packed up with a bow. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe were actresses at a time when elegance and glamour were everywhere. They did not need to worry whether they were perceived as tasteful; it surrounded and enveloped their style, activities, and all those who came into contact with them.

The term “elegance” alone brings dreams of luxury and the ultra female: gowns, pearls, and hours spent in front of the vanity using makeup and lotions to perfection. Elegance is also a prestige. It’s the way she walks, talks, eats, and even sleeps. Mannerisms and body language are just as important as the clothing elegant girls wear and the makeup they wear. In the words of Coco Chanel, “Elegance doesn’t consist of placing on a new dress.”

Tenete a mente

It’s the way you wear the dress that counts. Actresses, models, socialites, and regular girls have since lost their elegance, allowing it to drop to the side, making room for more”practical things.” Women are utilizing their careers and motherhood as a justification for being frumpy. However, they do not recognize that are diminishing themselves in the femininity that they have: beauty, mystery, not to mention elegance.

Another more recent explanation is just as faulty. Some women claim they can’t be tasteful because they lack natural beauty. Contrary to popular belief, a girls lacking so-called”natural” beauty can still be tasteful. True elegance is less about looks and more about demonstration. A mean plain jane with time may get a lot more elegant then an overly athletic beauty. Her beauty comes from within, a type of assurance that stands out in a crowd, a confidence that compels her to spend that extra thirty minutes shaving her legs (even in winter) and smothering herself in lotion. It makes her slide on heels before double-checking her makeup in the mirror. Taking the opportunity to spritz her throat with jasmine scent will make all of the difference. It’s no simple job to be elegant.

Nota finale

In actuality, it’s hard work, requiring a bottomless quantity of endurance and patience. Getting ready (even for a casual occasion ) takes time. Imagine a women who did not. Instead she opted to leave the home hair reversed and makeup-less. Her garments are unmatched and she is not wearing a stitch of cologne. What if that state day she met the man of her dreams, or obtained a promotion; would not she want to look her best? Why was she not ready beforehand, ready for anyone and anything? We should be prepared to provide a terrific impression regardless of where we are, because we never know what may happen. Though our feet can hurt, and our minds could pound, we should smile and remember how lovely we seem. Acknowledge each passing glance, knowing we’ve left a great a first impression.