It Is Abuse Or Liberation?

Depends upon today has been inundated with the unpremeditated demands the liberation of the complete women from the so-called domination by their male counterparts. Women felt that it’s about time they have a control of leadership in every spheres of life. But many critics see these struggles for women liberation as a trivial issue virtually, and these views partly are because of some unethical behaviours of some women, taking into consideration the religious, cultural and social points of view of a woman’s position in the society.

Human behaviour?

Though, the generality have already been created by these behaviours of men, to check out women as just a symbol of sex. Women have allowed themselves to be utilized as objects of entertainment. It is extremely very unfortunate that most our educated ladies in an attempt to create quick money and gain recognition, engage themselves within an all-time evil events that produce mockery of womanhood. A few of these events are accorded national recognitions, so much in order that women are no ashamed of parading themselves naked longer, and gyrating in the current presence of ogling eyes, most whom, are men. The society today experiences a whole lot programmes which are solely organized to encourage immoral activities and behaviours exclusively for the joy and pleasure of it.

However, to make the evil influences of such activities, some men have cashed in on the global economic recession to pump their ill-gotten wealth into such ugly projects in order to promote more evil in the society. That is sad since it is pathetic. You can find so many practices which are alien to your decent tradition and culture, which are increasingly being celebrated all around the accepted place, without taking into consideration the bad implication they shall have on our generation.

Keep in mind

This continues on to inform us that why most advocates of women liberation want our women folks to become “modernized”, because they make us believe, especially the teenagers who are the near future leaders of women liberation struggle, is not spelt out clearly. For several we care, the “modernized” woman could possibly be regarded as a woman that exists but never lives, a female without the identity, who’s chained to the dictates of the society – a female which will never be real because she will not know how a genuine person is manufactured.

A “modernized” woman, during childhood has been robbed of her natural rights. At this time of physical and mental development, the “modernized” woman in addition has been mentally and corruptly misled into believing that, only the appealing sexually; the favorite and beautiful ones will be the successful ladies in life. Modernity has it a woman will need to have these qualities to be able to succeed. Because of this misconception, she eventually ends up transforming her innocent birthright and beauty of a mother into irrevocably destroyed life.

Destroyed life, day provocative and exploitative dressings because of the overuse of the present day, in conjunction with the unnecessary cosmetic appearances, which replace their moral values with empty and immoral ones definitely. As of this juncture, it really is pertinent to place forward the confusion that entangles our womenfolk always, the young ladies especially. This confusion is based on the pleasure they derive in alcohol consumption, smoking, adultery, false pride, immodesty and the desire to have ill gotten wealth. How do a female who in a single moment drinks, roams the road half-naked, and dates several men, claim equality with exactly the same man or assume leadership over him, who some moments was along with everything they shared or did together ago?

Let’s see…

These so-called women liberators should bury their heads in shame, for forgetting that people are Africans, and that in the African tradition, a female is given her very own share of freedom and rights and the, regarded as a symbol of purity; a mother of the society, and the hope into the future generation. The advocates of women liberation however, unlike what a perfect African woman ought to be, are eroding and changing the behavioural pattern of the African woman slowly, turning them into rebels contrary to the cherished norms and values of African society because of their selfish ends. Today, the roles of ladies in a ideal and decent society are quickly changing in the negative direction.

Women, to be able to substantiate their demands for clear-cut equality with the men are participating in so many duties which are naturally manly. Confronted with worries of losing grips on the leadership position, today try their hands in so a lot of things the men, regardless of how degrading, to prove their claim to be the relative head. Today exceptional worst type of confusion our society is, sufficient reason for time anarchy shall occur. Experience has taught us that having two captains in a boat, who simultaneously, are engaged in performing tasks individually, is really a clear sign of an imminent disaster.


Our generation is sitting on a keg of gun powder truly! In creation, God had not been silent concerning the position of a female with regards to her male counterpart. Women are people with some excellent capabilities of realizing the futility of materialistic values, who is able to perceive spiritual and moral principles and incorporates each one of these principles and values to their lives. The Bible tells us that in nov man, through disobedience, it had been the woman who was simply deceived, not the person, thus portraying herself as somebody who requires a leader over her to greatly help her hold a stronger resolve in her position about things.

God’s affirmation to the was shown is His command to the girl: “Thy desire will be thy husband’s and he shall rule over thee”. It is vital our so-called women liberators get back to the drawing board and put their acts together, by to begin with getting a better method of restoring the dignity of motherhood, than requesting unearned positions rather. This is essential because if it’s found by them impossible to revive that dignity, men shall continue steadily to look at them as people who have an extremely low sensibility.


However, if the claims of the groups of folks are true, exploits and activities of women shouldn’t have already been recorded ever sold. Today, we still hear concerning the excellent contributions and performances of so a lot of women of great valor, who cannot sell their consciences to amassing material wealth. They’re at best, women liberators with an improvement. Than being too materialistic rather, and an unhealthy imitation of woman, they went to find the best as nobody wants not the original and the very best!


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