Is Time To Take Care Of Myself?

Fresh chinese Tang kuei

It’s true. Women are often to busy caring for their families, jobs, homes, relatives, friends, neighbors, pets, plants, they don’t look after guess who? Yup, themselves. Annoying-or worse-symptoms are brushed aside, suffered through, and put up with, month after month, sometimes year after year, during the typical female cycles of menstruation and menopause.


PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is defined as a combination of psychological, physical, psychological, and mood disturbances that occur between the time of ovulation and the beginning of menstrual flow. The most frequent mood-related symptoms are irritability, depression, oversensitivity, and yes mood swings with alternating anger and despair. The most common physical symptoms are tiredness, bloating, breast tenderness, acne flare-ups, insomnia, and appetite changes with a few food cravings and/or weight reduction. These symptoms can recur during perimenopause. All part of womens health? Umm Maybe.

The Numbers

Doctors estimate that approximately 80 percent of women experience some of these symptoms, with 25 to 30% enduring clinically-significant symptoms that disrupt their operation. But that does not mean you can not do something about it. PMS is usually thought to be caused by changes in and interactions between hormones and the brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.

Tang kuei is a herb in the celery family native to China, Japan, and Korea. This origin is medicinally active, and has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, for its beneficial effects on flow, blood coagulation, and disposition and overall well-being.

It’s known as the “female ginseng” because of its balancing effect on womens hormonal system, and its different blend of relaxing and energizing properties. It encourages muscle relaxation and restful sleep, that’s so crucial for womens health to get through their busy days.

Good To Know

During the transition into menopause, perimenopausal symptoms can develop into a continuous tormenting companion, possibly for ages. The notorious hot flashes-no joke-combined with irritability, lack of sleep, night sweats, and moodiness can have a huge effect on a womens health in everyday life and reassurance.


Literally means “around menopause”. It’s the time period when girls begin to show symptoms of menopause, typically beginning in the late thirties and lasting around 15 years, with the average about 6 decades. Menstruation hasn’t completely stopped during this time, but the erratic fluctuation of ovarian hormones induces typical menopause signs and symptoms like hot flashes, irregular menstrual periods, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and sleep disturbances.


For years, physicians treated the symptoms with hormones (Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT). But recent studies have demonstrated an association between HRT and increases in blood clots, cardiovascular disease, stroke and breast cancer So because of this, women are more often looking elsewhere for relief, together with secure womens wellness choices. Supplements may be an option.


Supplements with a carefully-balanced blend to decrease the severity of perimenopausal symptoms. A supplement which promotes hormone balance with natural plant isoflavones, for optimum womens health, could be an alternative.  Isoflavones, or phytoestrogens, are hormone-like chemicals found in most plants. They’ve estrogen-like properties, and act on cells gently and safely mimicking the effects of more powerful steroidal estrogens from animal sources.

Besides their hormone balancing actions, phytoestrogen compounds offer many other health benefits-they are antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant and anti inflammatory. They also provide immune system support, prevent platelet aggregation (blood clotting), and they help treat and prevent osteoporosis.

Phytoestrogens present in only the ideal balanced amounts, can help you feel like yourself again, and remain focused, with your busy lifestyle. Do it for you, and your nearest and dearest. Because you deserve to feel that your best-every single day of each month.