Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease?

Different medicines in tablets, ampoules, vials and in bulk, medical mercury thermometer and syringe on blue background. Medicine concept. Pharmaceutical blister pack. Pack of pills with tablets.

“Eventually anybody has to get this to decision! A misconception! There exists a dangerous misconception in people, that whenever they become sick they want a drug to create them feel much better. On the other hand our life span has shortened as time passes quicker. Once the cure is worse compared to the disease! They fix the condition itself never; they only temporally take away the symptom.


Being on prescription medications and medication is actually not the best way to optimal health however the conventional medical system want us to trust it is. it will be the fifth leading reason behind death. Adverse drug reactions tend to be more common than anyone can see right now. This can be a major health concern for several ages, not merely for older people. Optimal wellbeing is achievable without drugs! there is absolutely no much better than conventional medicine with regards to trauma, surgery and emergency. Surgeons and doctors will be the best within that field.

For other things alternative or natural medicine works more effectively far. In fact your wellbeing will improve once you stop taking drugs and so are no longer put through their unwanted effects.

Our body’s disease fighting capability is not any longer in a position to defend itself as the pills are carrying it out and harming your body’s own disease fighting capability. With the proper diet, changing your diet program and utilizing a good natural supplement this happen could be taken by you. You can create a better stronger immune illness and system won’t spoil your days.