Is Something Else Going On Besides Menopause?

An elderly woman feels her thyroid gland.

Is There Something Else Going On Besides Menopause? It’s too simple for a woman that’s considering herself to be in her menopause years to just assume that all the symptoms she’s feeling are menopause associated. This can be risky because often many different ailments and some which are serious can be overlooked.

Did you know?

As most women know entering menopause isn’t something which can be prevented and there are numerous symptoms that have it. It’s a well known fact that the hormones jump all over the place during this time period. What also must be realized is that there are lots of unique kinds of hormones that are affected that are applicable to the various organs. One of them is the thyroid gland.

It produces a hormone which plays a vital role in the body and when it’s not functioning correctly it can create all kinds of problems. These hormones help the body to know how much energy to use, and additionally, it makes proteins, and just as important it guide the body about the best way best to behave in respect to hormones. So you can see why during the menopause years the operation of the thyroid gland is critical and how it can have an influence on the hormone changes which are happening within the body through menopause.

Hormonal changes

Among the changes in hormones which occurs at the start of menopause and often before these years are attained is a decline in the hormones that are necessary for reproduction. The usual symptoms of the menopausal years are many and they vary in strength. Not every girl has every symptom or the exact same combination of symptoms. With some thyroid disorder it may be either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, the hyper significance over energetic and the hypo being underactive.

With regard to being near in symptoms to menopause it might be with regard to hypothyroidism. They seem really close as to what you could just assume as being menopause. You can see why these signs may be easily written off as being the change of life cycle. It is most important once you experience any new symptoms in your body that you have a excellent medical checkup.


For girls no new symptom should only be regarded as menopause. Ideally having the thyroid assessed on a yearly basis when going through menopause would not hurt. You’re most likely going for annual medical checkups anyway so just insure that you ask your medical care provider to check your thyroid in this moment. Plus if you’re in need of any support we can assist with that too.


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