Is OC Spray A Self Defense Product?

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The growing population has also given way to the growth in crime. Unfortunately there are not that many things which you can use when it comes to protecting yourself in this era. The use of mace is now a popular product to use for the regular citizens self-defense.

Did you know?

Over the last century the growth of robberies, rapes, and other offenses has made it dangerous to walk the streets in certain areas. We’re not in the days of the”Old Wild West” when we tote guns and shoot it out in the nearest corner. We are after all a civilized society where we consider being fair and forth right to center. There are people that don’t adhere to the laws of society and benefit from the less fortunate.

That’s the reason the use of OC Spray for self- protection is getting increasingly more popular in society. OC Spray unlike a knife or gun will leave an attacker helpless long enough for the average citizen to get away. You may use a small amount of OC spray squirted from the attackers face and leave him paralyzed for a short period of time.

Take note

OC Spray is a chemical that’s made from pepper that burns the eyes and causes coughing due to lack of oxygen for a short period. Mace in larger canisters was used by the police department to get would be offenders from a building without anyone being harmed. Today it is possible to see in little little round containers that will fit into your purse or on a keychain.

You usually get about five shots that is plenty enough to prevent an attacker. It really only takes one shot of mace. You’ll discover that this is a excellent little self-defense product that’s not very costly and doesn’t cause any permanent damage to anybody. OC Spray like any other material is harmful if it’s not used properly. You should be utilised at the safe way to use it as a way of self-defense.


Never use mace on children or little animals it might cause irreversible harm to their lungs or eyes. When you live alone or have to travel in a place that’s not very secure or known for dangerous components that hang around you might wish to consider carrying your own container of OC spray. The more recent versions of mace set a UV Marking DYE from the material so that after your attacker could be identified.

OC spray is used as self-defense today than it ever had been before. It’s fast becoming the self-defense method of selection. Many men and women that are frail unable to fight off a would be attacker, girls that are terrified of their rapists, and even store owners are currently keeping a little container of mace to use for self. It’s extremely cheap and it works with only a squirt. The attacker can be marked using a UV DYE that helps to identify them later.


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