Is Menopause Hormone Replacement A Cure?

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Hormone replacement for Menopause can come in a number of distinct forms. Natural HRT Therapy is the replacement or supplementing of hormones which are no longer well balanced in the bodies of girls that are going through the phases of Menopause. A woman’s body begins to change as she starts the cycle of finishing her mature years of fertility.

Let’s understand it

Although this interval serves the same function in all women, it can have very different results on each individual. Some women cruise during the pre-menopause phase named Perimenopause, while others may have great difficulty with symptoms and side effects of the Menopause Cycle. These girls should consider hormone replacement for menopause.

Both Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can be considered. One reason for this is that as the development of Perimenopause includes changes in the female’s body’s creation of Hormones. Typically that is is a lowering of production. This creates imbalances that may have a wonderful influence on the overall function and wellbeing of the entire person. Biological and psychological balance and stability can be greatly upset since the hormone levels become always out of equilibrium.


Moodiness, weight problems, fatigue, hot flashes, connection with loved ones, and all the other symptoms that most of us know and that you might be experiencing. This is sometimes tough to receive your personal Physician to have an in depth look at. They may see your symptoms as normal and unavoidable. A blood test can show hormone deficiencies, but that’s not necessarily what the doctor is looking for. Since the symptoms of Perimenopause and Thyroid under production (Hypothyroidism) are very similar, the physician may see your Thyroid production is in the”normal” range and inform you that there’s little more you can do.

There are a number of remedies that can help. There are mood enhancing drugs your physician may describe and they can be quite helpful. But, you still haven’t addressed what might be the core issue of your distress. Hormone Replacement Therapy has existed for quite a long time. Since the 1930s there was variations of it utilized for Menopause and other problems. Hormone levels and generation could be quantified in both saliva tests and blood tests, although recent studies find that the particular blood tests for Hormone generation are more reliable.

Keep in mind

These tests are a bit pricier, but probably should be used. If your physician will not do these tests, and it is often true of family doctors who tend to think that”less is more”, and if you think that there’s still more wrong than your doctor is discovering, there are two paths to take. One is to attempt to insist that your doctor examine you for deficient hormone levels. The next is to do the research and discover doctors that specialize in hormone replacement therapies.

There are lots of doing this treatment now. Compound Pharmacists will also be in many regions. There are two main remedies to help replace the hormones your body is no longer producing in the appropriate quantities. This treatment includes the mixing of standardized levels of hormones in a “one size fits all” packaging. It may be taken as a pill or patch (extended release). It’s made of equine (horse) urine and closely mimics human hormones. It’s prescribed by physicians typically and is available at most pharmacies.

Take note

In lower doses some hormones are available over the counter. The results are combined and there aren’t a lot of really good studies on its efficacy. As you can imagine, some girls have great benefits and some don’t. Since, all doses are standard, it is likely that this does not match women whose hormones are out of the standard. This treatment includes individually mixing a dose that’s specific to the needs of every woman’s recent blood test results for hormone levels.

This is a much newer strategy. It’s typically prescribed by doctors specializing in this area and blended to the personal specifications of each individual by “chemical pharmacists”, who are pharmacists that will mix and dosage into the physician’s specifications for each individual. BHRT chemicals come from natural plant like wild and fried sweet potatoes or yams. The delivery is generally a cream, but lately a way of putting tiny Hormone Replacement pellets just under the skin. This is an elongated release method that lasts 3 weeks.


The next implant my be a different mix than the first if hormone levels have shifted during the 3 weeks. I have personally seen quite remarkable effects in a relative with this therapy, but there aren’t many studies that are definitive concerning the results or side effects over a broad group of girls. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. This company has supplied fabulous support to me for several years. I spoke to this representative concerning the coverage of the 2 treatments. Coincidentally, she was now being treated with Hormone Replacement Therapy and therefore was comfortable with the fact that BCBS of KC does cover some costs of the treatment.