How To Treat Toothache?

Garlic cloves, shallots and white onions   -  food ingredient on wooden board, decorated with  fresh parsley.

Nearly everyone has experienced a toothache at one time or another. The pain can be anything from a dull, dull feeling to a severe pain that can ruin your day. Some people feel constant, throbbing pain or shooting pain in their gums or teeth. There are many home remedies that can be used to treat toothache. These are simple and can be found in your own home.

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Cavities are the main cause of tooth pain. Plaque sticks to teeth and causes dental cavities. Plaque is formed from bacteria and food we eat. Plaque and acids can eat away at tooth enamel, causing cavities to form. Hot and cold foods can increase the pain. Tooth abscess, cracked teeth, irritated root, and a condition called the temporomandibular, which affects your jaw, are other causes of toothache.

Toothache home remedies can be very effective and quick, especially if you don’t have time to visit the dentist. Wrapping ice in a towel around your jaw is a quick and effective way to relieve toothache pain. This works well, especially if the pain level is manageable. A mixture of 2-3 drops clove oil and 1/4 teaspoon olive oil may also work. You can also try this home remedy by soaking a cottonball in olive oil and placing it on the affected areas.

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You can also try common salt and pepper powder together to temporarily relieve the pain. If used regularly, it can soothe inflamed areas as well as prevent bad breath and dental cavities. Garlic and onion can also be used to relieve toothaches. The pain will disappear if you apply a clove of garlic and a pinch salt to your tooth.

A daily intake of one onion can help keep the dentist away. These two can cause bad breath, but they can prevent cavities. It is recommended to chew a clove of garlic and a raw onion every day. It can strengthen your teeth and improve your overall dental health. Both onion and garlic have excellent bacteria fighting properties, making them great home remedies for toothache. If you feel pain that comes and goes, or feels like it’s coming on in spurts, then you may have a cavity. This is because air is entering your mouth.


To prevent air from entering your ears, you can either stuff them with cotton or gargle with warm water and salt. This is very effective and will immediately reduce pain. Bayberry bark mixed with vinegar can be used to soothe toothaches. To improve the taste, chewing on guava leaves with vanilla extract can help. The acid in whiskey acts as a disinfectant, killing bacteria in your mouth and allowing you to get rid of the pain quicker.

Yogurt can be used to treat toothaches and mouth ulcers. Yogurt will kill the bad bacteria and relieve your pain. Toothache prevention and treatment are also dependent on diet. Hot or cold food can only aggravate toothache. Eating meats such as beef or other meats that require a lot of chewing will only worsen the pain. Soft foods can help reduce the chance of food particles getting stuck between teeth.


Prevention is better than home remedies or treatment for toothaches. Vitamin C and D are essential for good health. Eat lots of whole foods and vegetables, and brush your teeth at least three times per day. It is recommended to visit the dentist at least twice a year.