How To Treat Menopause Symptoms?

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Why is it that modern medicine appears to have so many answers to numerous questions, and yet we keep getting sick? This may be an oversimplification, but a part of it might be that our so-called contemporary medical treatment and care in this nation treats more of the symptoms compared to the whole person.

Holistic approach

Treating the individual in their entirety is something known as a “holistic” approach, and it just might be the future of medicine, or a larger portion of it at the least. If you suffer from the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, cramps, sleeplessness, or several others I do not have to remind you of, you likely need a way to fix all these symptoms at once instead of one at a time or by taking several medications daily.

The solution may be to locate a healthier lifestyle and take a holistic approach to healing your body, as opposed to locating a temporary relief from the symptoms. You see physicians are trained to offer great insight into disorder, how diseases work, the way to take care of this or chronic inflammation or symptom. Most of them are not trained in any way in how to avoid disease, so in case you ask a doctor how to “keep” a healthy body, you might find some funny looks, or any advice on this or that diet and exercise.

Helathy lifestyle

But keeping the body healthy and in balance is a lot more than that, it entails creating a state where the brain is also healthy and in balance. This may involve many different methods, but is more of a lifestyle change for most people. Living in our technically advanced, whirlwind career, fast-food eating contemporary world isn’t a really amazing way to find peace and stability for body or mind. Most of us do not exercise enough, if at all.

We do not take the time to adequately recharge our brains, or our own bodies, for the pressures that we face daily. How do we do that? We will need to slow down, for starters. We know we have lots of thousands of chemical reactions going on in our body every minute of each day, our brains giving orders to discharge specific enzymes in just the perfect quantity, or a hormone to help provide the needed heeling and development for a different function.

But what happens when our bodies become stressed, or have a lack of certain components, this type of vitamin or mineral that is essential for a role in the body? It’s well known that stress, poor nutrition and other factors may result in a dysfunction in the adrenal glands that many times leads to the hormonal imbalance that aggravate the symptoms of menopause. This is but one example, but there are many more indeed. So how do you find a better balance in body and mind to maximize your health? Take stock of your life in general – not just what you eat and drink, but also what you do to handle stress, keep your spirituality, as well as how you socialize. All these things accumulate in there own way to make you the person that you’re from 1 day to another.

Do you make it a habit to reach for the Tylenol in the first sign of a headache? Why not find a way to reach the origin of the headache, which might be muscle tension, high blood pressure, or just a bad day generally. Take your mind off what happened at work, try some soothing aromatherapy or meditation to relieve your anxiety.


Better yet, do your heart some good and go for a long walk around the area, take up a yoga class, or split that dusty guitar you have not played in ten years. These are simply a couple of things you can do to help get your mind back to a better place, there are a lot more! The secret is to look at yourself as one living organism that has many distinct elements that work together in harmony. Our complex bodies will need to balanced, so find your way to balance both body and mind.


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