How To Step Into Your Feminine Power?

Photo of rejoicing wavy, curly woman after having done two pushups while isolated with red background

It isn’t easy for a woman in India to be powerful in what remains, in many ways, a man’s world. Every day we experience negativity from those that are threatened by the strides that women have made. It’s reached the stage where we believe that we have to be a bimbo or a bitch to be successful. But we don’t need to be either.

Human beings

We just have to be human beings with the capacity to express our special gifts and talents. Here I list 10 ways that have helped me live a larger life and make decisions that may have attracted me the self-awareness, liberty and contentment I currently appreciate. Among the main things a woman must cultivate is her self-esteem and the capacity to love herself. If your self indulgent and self-esteem are powerful, you are able to bounce back from almost anything. Having a healthy self-esteem provides you a positive outlook in life and this is reflected on your performance at work, in your relationships and in how you live your life. Most Indian women have this feeling of hopelessness because we believe we must make everyone happy, but.


But bear in mind that you ALWAYS have a choice – even if it’s one which the people in your life don’t agree with or think is selfish. As women we’re definitely more intuitive and have the ability to easily connect to our Divine source of knowledge and well-being. The people who gave the most, such as Mother Theresa, were also those who were connected to their Divine wisdom. You have the same potential to talk about your exclusive gifts with the world – all you will need to do is to begin cultivating your religious life and listen to your inner guidance.

Your life is a reflection of those beliefs you hold. Even if you say you want to be successful, if your subconscious beliefs do not match your needs, then it won’t happen. You want to become aware of which beliefs are holding you back and clean them out of your system. As geek-speak goes, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. What you put into your head, you get out. If you fill your mind with endless parting from soap operas, commercials and the mass media, your life will get a replica of what you see there. If you would like to have empowering beliefs, just expose yourself to inspirational ideas. Read inspirational books, subscribe to inspirational newsletters, stop watching TV (yes, it could be done) or see less of it. 5. Be conscious of the company that you keep.

I read somewhere that you’re the average of the 5 individuals closest to you in each area of your life. If you wish to be successful, hang out with people you admire and wish to emulate, not with individuals that are in exactly the exact same boat. Success can be frightening and the trip to the very best can be lonely. Find a mentor and ask them to coach you. Spend your time with people who lift you, not those who pull you down. Your family and friends may not support your targets and plans. Learn how to draw strong boundaries with those who you can’t avoid.


Explain to people who provide “well-meaning” advice that, as you appreciate their input, you want the freedom to create your own mistakes. Never put yourself down or underplay your accomplishments merely to make another person feel better. Many Indian women stop caring for themselves once they have kids and reach middle-age. But how you look tells the world a good deal about your self-esteem. You don’t need to go overboard and spend thousands on beauty treatments, because looking good is an inside job. If you are feeling good about yourself, you will obviously take pride in your appearance. Invest time and money in learning and growing.

ake classes, learn new abilities. It will make a massive difference to your success, whether you’ve got a business or career. If you operate a business, you will attract better quality customers that are also prepared to invest in their own companies. If what you’re doing doesn’t bring you pleasure, ask why this is and what you can do to alter it. Perhaps you would like to do work that is more meaningful (many women do), even if you earn less money in the procedure.


Do whatever nurtures your soul, whether that involves traveling, hobbies or just spending time with family and friends who you can have a great laugh with. Don’t take life too seriously. If you have faced serious problems in your life and need expert assistance, go to a professional psychologist or an energy healer. Even better, learn how to heal yourself. Most of us have the capability to do it and it is just one more way to care for yourself.