How To Protect Yourself And Your Possessions?

Close-up Of A Person Stealing Purse From Handbag

As the warm weather is upon us we often leave our house more often. In addition to us we want to take all our personal possessions. Among the most important personal possessions which ought to be carried and readily accessible is a self-defense product like pepper spray, a personal alarm or a stun gun. Here are a few suggestions regarding personal possessions and your security.

The hints

These are hints that we hear all of the time but have to be reiterated every once in a while. After all, our pockets, purses, credit cards, personal organizers and mobile phones are only a couple of our everyday things we take that could be missed if they were stolen. Some of the things we carry can be substituted however, there are a few that if stolen can cause you a great deal of grief and regret.

The best advise is to choose only the items you’ll need. Only take what money you believe you’ll need. Take only the credit cards you’re most likely to use. If you don’t need a camera or a camera, do not take one with you. Limit the possessions you carry with you. If you carry a handbag or pocket, keep it where you can feel it, like inside of your coat or pants pocket.

Do This

Check to find out if it’s still there on a regular basis. If you’re carrying a bag, strap it across your chest and hold on to it, but try not to seem too cautious. Always maintain the opening or the zip part towards you. Never leave your bag unattended. For those who have a backpack , be extra careful. Keep your mobile phone out of sight also, preferably in a zipped pocket.


Watch out for pickpockets. They’re watching every move you make. Always be conscious of your surroundings and look relaxed. Pickpockets like busy streets and crowded areas. If someone bumps into you, it might be a pickpocket. If this occurs check and be sure that you still have your possessions with you, but don’t act too obvious. If something has been stolen from you proceed to the nearest police station or call the police. Don’t call 911 unless you’ve actually caught someone in the act and you’ve managed to apprehend the individual.

Be very careful

Don’t risk your life. It’s not worth the value of what they might have stolen. Put your own safety . I hope this helps those of you who are active lifestyles and are constantly on the go. There are non-lethal, self-defense products out there which could assist in your defense against an assailant. These products comprise Mace, pepper sprays, personal alarms, and stun devices like stun guns and Tasers. Please check your locality or authority for pepper spray and stun device limitations. These products make great gifts that show you care.