How To Prevent Measles?

Measles virus cells

A current multi-State outbreak of measles in america has infected more than a 100 people from 14 States, by the 1st of January 2015 to 31st January, 2015. According to analyses, this outbreak is thought to have started from first exposure at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California.

Did You Know?

42 cases have been linked to the epidemic in California, which comprises five Disney employees. Rubeola, commonly called Measles, is a virus which mostly infects children and babies, but isn’t uncommon in adults. There’s a blood test to diagnose Measles, but generally the first symptoms are sufficient to get a qualified medical practitioner to confirm the start of measles.

Including a runny nose, inflamed eyes, fever (as high at 104 degrees Fahrenheit in acute cases), sore throat, and dry cough. Two of the most obvious symptoms are the characteristic rash (that usually appears on the face and behind the ears at first, and then slowly spreads over the chest and thighs and then the toes ) and Koplik’s spots (redness on the inner lining of the cheek with white spots with bluish-white centers).

Be aware!

Severe cases of measles could be deadly. Almost 100,000 fatalities are reported annually, the majority of which are of children under the age of five decades. Measles is a contagious, airborne disease that affects the immune system, respiratory system and skin. Someone with measles can spread the virus through the communicable period of eight days that starts 4 days before the rash appears and ends 4 days after the rash is visible.

An effective way to stop the spread of measles once it’s known that you or a relative is infected is to isolate the infected person (s) during this period. Medical advisors indicate that vaccination is the very best prevention.

Keep in mind

While there isn’t any treatment which effectively heals measles when an individual is infected, fever reducers like ibuprofen (readily available over-the-counter) can be taken to ease the high temperature which accompanies measles. Antibiotics are prescribed if a bacterial infection (ear infection, pneumonia etc.) develops alongside measles. Furthermore, Vitamin A supplements are allegedly supposed to be helpful in severe cases of measles since they visibly decrease symptoms.

Although measles has been virtually eliminated from america from the introduction of vaccines in 1963, it is still a frequent disease in other areas of the globe, like regions in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa. International travel is one of the prime causes of the onset of measles outbreaks in america. It’s advised that especially before international travel, even more so when traveling to developing nations, all individuals should consult their physicians concerning the requirement to be vaccinated against measles.