How To Prevent Headaches?

orange fruit

To avoid sports headaches, it is important to hydrate properly. Although energy drinks are almost ubiquitous, they all contain caffeine or a caffeine-containing compound like Guarana. Problem is, caffeine is diuretic. Diuretics can cause you to urinate more often and make you dehydrated.

Let’s understand it

Many energy drinks claim to have extra energy ingredients like Taurine, Siberian Ginseng, or Gingko Biloba. These ingredients can be helpful, but they are usually not enough. These energy drinks are expensive and not recommended for use in sports. Many sports drinks are high in sugar and artificial colours. Everyone knows that a blue beverage will make you faster. However, sugar can make you thirstier.

Natural ways

Remember when oranges were given at half-time during a game? This gave children natural energy and some liquid, without causing bloating. Water is the best way to avoid headaches. A good multivitamin contains a good amount of all B vitamins. Take your vitamin every morning, and again before you go to work. If you’re playing in the evening and it’s hot, you can skip the afternoon coffee and energy drinks and drink water.

Gradual hydration is the best. This prevents you from drinking too much in one sitting, which can lead to nausea. Mild dehydration can cause headaches and lower your metabolism by at most 5%. Severe dehydration can lead to serious medical problems.


How can you tell if you are becoming dehydrated? Thirst is a sign that you are becoming dehydrated. Pre-plan. It doesn’t matter if you are participating in competitive sport, a social round or just spending an afternoon sailing, gardening, or other outdoor activities. If you don’t want to get headaches, hydrate first.

The effects of the heat sun are worse and more rapid if you’re competing in it. Keep in mind that you can become dehydrated if you drink and not pass urine. After playing, a great tradition in sport is to have a few beers. Beer is fine, but you should drink water before and after each beer.


Your already dehydrated state will quickly escalate if the weather is hot. Your head will be pounding. Although headaches are not common, everyone experiences them. It is easy to ignore it and suffer the consequences.