How To Prevent A Headache?

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It is important to understand the root cause of migraines if you want to avoid them. Understanding the root cause of migraines will help you to find the best possible treatment. The enlargement of your temporal artery is what causes migraines. It is located on the outside of your skull and under your forehead skin. This artery expands and causes nerves to stretch around it, which in turn releases certain chemicals.


These chemicals are what causes migraines. They also cause the artery’s to enlarge further, causing more pain and more swelling. Migraines can be a constant circle of pain and suffering. It is important to understand the cycle of migraine headaches so that you don’t make it worse. There are many factors that can cause migraines.

To prevent migraine headaches, it is important to remember that stress hormones can be released by fasting, bright light, caffeine, artificial substances like MSG and aspartame. You may also have other sensitivities. You need to identify the trigger that causes your migraine headaches. This nerve can also be triggered by bright lights in some people. Think about how this could apply to you.


Do you work in an environment where the lights change often, such as a movie theatre or a lab where the light changes from dark to bright? Regular headache medication is not effective for migraines. Migraine pain triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which is what is commonly called “fight or flight” during stress.

This reaction pulls blood from your digestive system and diverts it to the muscles in your legs. This prevents oral medications from getting absorbed into the intestinal systems. When you think about how to prevent migraine headaches, regular aspirins and oral medications will likely not be of much help. They are not absorbed in the right way.


Acupuncture, which calms the temporal artery and soothes the sympathetic nerve system, is one way to treat migraines naturally. Oils such as peppermint or lavender can be used to prevent migraine headaches. These oils can be vaporized or applied to a washcloth.

Supplements with magnesium and calcium can help relieve muscle tension. You can also try the less obvious methods of getting a mini massage or staying in a darkened area. Reduce the intake of artificial sweeteners and other substances in your diet. If all else fails, visit your doctor to get a diagnosis and additional tips on how to prevent migraine headaches permanently.