How To Lose Pounds The Easy Way?

Do you want to lose 15 pounds without or diet? I know because my husband accomplished this. How did he do it? I’ve been gently telling my husband for a long time that carbonated carbonated beverages can ruin your . I do not buy them and do not serve them to our children. Despite that, he maintained his habit of drinking a Coke every day on the job.

What is happening?

Hubby started having stomach symptoms. The burning has been keeping him up at night and causing him lots of pain. He also visited the Dentist and discovered he needed several tens of thousands of dollars in dental work. Carbonated drinks can lead to reflux, and naturally they wreak havoc on tooth! Both of these things combined gave him the he had to give up the of drinking sodas.

Fast forward two weeks. I discovered hubby looked thinner, but it did not appear to me that he was altering any of his habits. He explained that he’d lost 15 lbs and reminded me that he’d given up his everyday soda pop, substituting it with . Several studies have pointed to a link between soda consumption and weight gain. One such study, in Harvard University, monitored over 50,000 women and found that people whose soda drinking improved had larger rises in body-mass indicator than those who drank less or the same.

Other studies reveal that soda consumption goes hand in hand with eating excessive calories. Soda pop has a great deal of empty calories in the form of high corn syrup, which functions differently in the body than other additives. For instance, high fructose corn syrup does not make you feel complete or activate production to help your body deal with the sugar load such as other sweeteners do.


Green tea has been shown to activate . According to a study conducted at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, green tea helps the body burn more calories. If you give up sodas you will also lower the quantity of fat in your blood and lessen your . A recent study pointed out that drinking only one sugary beverage daily (like those fancy ice cream coffee beverages or carbonated drinks) can nearly double your chance of developing .


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