How To Improve Dry Eye Syndrome?

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As we age our health begins to decline. Also, the likelihood that we’ll develop conditions like osteoporosis, aging joints, and wrinkles around the face raises. Another part of your health care that’s influenced in a negative way because of the aging procedure is the vision health. According to research studies girls are more vulnerable than men to eye ailments as we age.

Eye health

One instance of an eye illness prevalent in women is known as dry eye syndrome. Here is some advice regarding this eye condition. What Is Dry Eye Syndrome? This is eyesight condition characterized by a deficiency in tear production in the visual system. Usually it’s also the result of a lack in tear production by one of those 3 tear layers which includes mucous, water and oily outer layers.

Each eye tear material is created by different areas of the visual system and if one coating stops working this may cause dry eyes. Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome: The signs of the eye condition includes burning eyes, itching eyes or a stinging or gritty sensation in the eyes. Your eyesight may also become fuzzy. There’s another extreme linked with this vision issue. This happens when the eye’s immune system compensates for a lack in quality tear production by overproducing tears.

Dry Eye Causes

Because of the aging process the component of the visual system which is made up of fatty layers of tears, stops functioning leaving just the layer of watery tears to operate. This contributes to a quick evaporation of tears thereby triggering dry eye. Aging Women are more vulnerable than men to create this eye condition. This is a result of the hormonal changes that take place in women’s eyes in the post-menopausal period of life.

Treatment Options

Many natural eye care professionals recommend including food sources of omega- 3 fatty acids in your diet to relieve the symptoms of the vision condition. As an example, consuming omega 3 food resources like albacore tuna or salmon at least two times per week can make a difference in enhancing this eye condition.

Concerning vitamin supplementation you may take 2, 1,000 mg doses of Omega 3 Fatty Acids on a daily basis to alleviate the symptoms correlate with dry eye syndrome. Traditional eye care experts recommend products like Restasis. However, these have unpleasant side effects associated with a burning sensation in the eyes.


Therefore, from a natural viewpoint, the pursuit of an eye exercise program to improve vision naturally includes organic methods that increase the health of the visual system. This system includes techniques such as breathing and archiving eye exercises which do stimulate the eye’s tear production naturally. Ultimately, an eye workout program is a safe choice that increases vision health and relieves the symptoms associated with dry eye.