How To Get Toothache Relief At Home?

Clove essential oil isolated on marble table. Clove oil glass bottle

Before you can find a home remedy for Toothache, you need to understand what causes it. Too many people over-indulge in sugary snacks, soft drinks, and refined carbs. Then, they neglect to brush their teeth after consuming these little treats. Toothache can be very painful and irritating. This is a common problem. Toothache is a common problem that affects many people around the world.

Home Remedies

While a home remedy for toothache can be helpful in the short-term, it cannot solve the underlying problem. To avoid the problem getting worse, it is vital to see your dentist as soon possible. Toothaches can be very painful or mildly irritating. Toothache is usually caused by tooth decay or cavities.

Toothache is a common problem that can affect anyone. You should look for a home remedy that provides quick relief. However, these home remedies don’t cure the problem, they just delay it. Although it has become a common saying, the biggest cause of tooth decay is candy consumption. This should be avoided as much and as often as possible. It is a well-known fact that sweets are preferred by a lot more people than those who don’t.


Hidden sugars are a major problem in processed foods. It is important to learn new habits. If the word sugar or any other ending in ose appears within the first four ingredients of a package, it is usually a sign that the package contains a high level of sugar. Although most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist, severe pain that lasts for several hours or days is a sign that it’s time to see your dentist.

You should visit a dentist to diagnose and treat the problem.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is the best short-term remedy for toothache. The pain relieving properties of clove oil can be felt almost immediately. It works almost as magic. Simply apply a few drops to a cotton bud to the affected tooth and it will instantly stop the pain. The clove oil can cause mild skin irritation so be careful not to let the bud touch any other parts of your mouth. You can also use garlic, but clove oil is the best for its pure efficacy.