How To Get Through The Common Cold?

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Ah yes, there’s a nip of air in the air. The leaves are gone from the trees and the tissue boxes are flying off the shelves. It’s cold season, yep. Remember what your Mother said about not wearing a jacket when you go out because you will “catch the death of cold”. This is a tired old wives tale. Because we stay inside more, and thus share more germs in winter and fall, we get colds more frequently.

Runny Nose

Here are some tips to help you get through the common cold. You can use tissue to help a runny nose. Do not use OTCs to dry your nose. Your body is trying to eliminate any virus that you have contracted. Let your body do its work. OTC medications can be used to relieve stuffy noses. This is especially helpful at night, when you need to breathe and rest. A cold can cause a fever.

Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest if you have a fever. Your body’s attempt to eliminate the virus that you have contracted is another reason for a fever. If your temperature is not below 101 degrees and you feel comfortable, then let it go.

High Fever

High fevers can cause more harm than good so don’t hesitate to treat them. High fevers can lead to serious complications. You should call your doctor if you have a fever above 100 degrees for more than four days straight. This could indicate that you have more serious conditions than the common cold.

Fluids are important. Drink lots of fluids. Warm beverages such as tea and hot chocolate can be soothing, but make sure you include water in your fluid intake. This is so important, I’m repeating it again. To reduce the spread of your cold, wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. Colds can spread easily from one person to another. Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes. Warm liquids like tea or bouillon can be helpful if you have a sore throat. Soup broths can also be helpful.

Steam Inhalation

A humidifier can be used to add moisture to your home’s air because your furnace will dry it out. A room humidifier is more portable than a whole-house humidifier and can be moved around easily. To relieve sore throat pain, throat lozenges can be used. Some offer pain relief and keep your throat moist.