How To Get Balance In Family And Career?

Concept of work from home and home family education. Mom and son are sitting at the desk. Business woman works on the Internet in a laptop, a child writes in a notebook.

Can You Have It All? It’s also the name of this biography by Nicola Horlick, nicknamed from the British press as’Superwoman’ for apparently managing to conduct her own multi-million dollar investment firm whilst running a house, bringing up five children, and still managing to look great. Only she knows the real answer.

Let’s understand

Most of us have the same 24 hours a day, yet some people do manage to get a whole lot more done than others, but something always has to give somewhere. Money certainly’purchases’ some time and relief from stress. The housework can be assigned, the ironing, the cooking, cleaning the car etc.. But a phone call to a friend, reading a book, conversation and fun with the family can’t be outsourced.

When the Sex Discrimination Act was introduced into legislation in the 1970s, it had been deemed to guard women and men from discrimination on the grounds of gender. What was meant to give women more, might have opened the gates to them really getting less, for while being legally free to pursue and succeed in high-flying professions it now appears to be in addition to their present roles as mother, livelihood, agony aunt and empathizer. Business executive careers necessarily involve traveling, yet while guys seldom feel guilty for being away from home, girls appear to carry that burden greatly. Whilst being trapped with their own biological clock into having to find time to have a family, it is impossible for them to leave their professions at what is normally the time when success may finally be reaped. Whilst trying to work in their chosen profession, they’re also hoping to meet their own high goals of perfection for a wife and mom.

Recurring guilt that they shouldn’t be working may rob them of the karma- if they allow it. How about taking a look at the issue from another angle? How much sorrow and guilt would working women feel if, in the height of their accomplishments, they took out time to develop a family? Would the kids really develop better adjusted, more intelligent, less rebellious as teens? Meantime, abilities which formerly were finely honed would be lost; no more ahead in their chosen field of experience, girls would definitely live to regret their decision to dedicate themselves entirely to their loved ones.


All of us have but one life to do with as we see best. No-one wants to achieve retirement and return with lots of things done, or things not done. For those placing themselves under the microscope wondering if working is the best thing for their loved ones, think about the alternative. Would not-working actually give themyou, less doubts? Whatever path your pick; nevertheless you balance home with work, the sole element in the decision is exactly what will you regret more – working or not working. In life there’s only 1 person qualified to answer that question and then live with the outcomes, which is yourself.

Whatever your choice, make it and then bury forever that niggling demon who wants to sit accusingly on your shoulder. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability, and return assured that you made the ideal selection for yourself.