How To Find Self Worth At Home?

One golden egg among white eggs in a wooden box. Uniqueness concept.

The grin lighting up the face of your infant when she looks up in your face, the assurance on a toddler’s face when she looks up at you before crossing that developmental milestone and the happy baby who’s so thankful for your uncountable efforts of singing, dancing, cooing, placating, keeping her dry, warm and well fed- are what make each bit of agonizing attempts and sometimes inhumane sacrifices worth every penny!

Keep in mind

I’m neither idealizing motherhood nor preaching a doctrine in developing self-confidence. I am only stating what’s obvious. A stay at home mother should not allow somebody else’s jaded feelings affect her. She’s doing the most important job on earth, even if she’s not being compensated for it. Raising a kid into a fantastic human being, a thriving professional and a mentally stable person will maintain a mother’s hands full for a life.

It is said that you know you’re a stay at home mother if you’re the last one to go to bed and the first one to get up! 7 hours a week with no holidays or incentives, is awake constantly searching for her kids, anticipating their needs, is a teacher, guide and friend to themis in a pursuit of finding self-worth! Studies have reported that stay at home mothers are at a greater risk of suffering depression.

A significant reason for this is that moms that aren’t likely to work out direct a monotonous schedule day by day and don’t get time to do things just for themselves or spend some quality ‘ME’ time! All remain at home mothers can spice up their lives and do things that can make them feel worthy, special and useful.

Take note

I am a stay at home mom myself and can share my adventures with the new mothers and moms to be.

  • Don’t UNDERESTIMATE yourself. You’re living by example. It’s not feasible for everyone to give up their life for raising a child.
  • Develop a hobby if you don’t have one already. Start taking out time weekly to your hobbies. Spend some time honing your creative side and abilities. Pursuing your imagination not only provides you self-confidence but self-satisfaction also.
  • Take out time to your girlfriends. Leave the baby or kids with your spouse or parents and spend some time gossiping with friends and family, indulge in shopping for yourself, watch a movie and avoid talking children, laundry or maid! Believe me you’ll return home rejuvenated and replenished.
  • Spend quality time with your husband. An understanding and caring life partner makes your life worth while. Go on a romantic date with your husband and give yourself a special evening out.
  • Become a member of a social service organisation. Helping out orphans, helping the residents of an old age home or joining a literacy effort won’t only aid you in locating self worth but you’ll play an significant part in someone’s life also.