How To Ease The Discomfort Of Menopause?

Mature woman yoga exercise

Going through menopause for some women is like a crazy roller coaster ride. One where odd sensations seesaw between feeling cold and hot; joyful and sad; depressed and confident. Meanwhile there are the constants: sore back, fatigue, heavy bleeding and the cancer risks of menopausal hormone therapy.

Natural Ways

In early times, Korean girls began using a natural method to take the edge off menopause. A easy, pleasant self-healing energy artwork named Danjeon breathing and for centuries, it’s been helping to make life easier for women going through menopause. Now you can in the next 5 ways.

Effective breathing is integral to most self-healing arts and Danjeon Breathing is a means to literally refuel the body with increased oxygenation and healing energies as we do as babies. It’s about re-learning to breath out of the stomach as we do as babies, rather than being grownup chest breathers.

What to do?

Visualize breathing in pure energy with your inhalation and visualize breathing out impure energy with your exhalation as you breathe all of the way down to below your stomach. As you do that kick your feet together and feel the tiredness leave your body. In the current competitive job market, what could be worse than wanting to shout in the workplace?

That’s why Danjeon Breathing is a excellent way to help fight the tears back, anytime and anyplace. You do it by focusing your concentration on a single spot in your system. By consciously breathing in and out keeping your attention below your belly region to become more focused and less psychological, as your attention is focused on breathing, not the emotion.


According to Chinese medicine, Danjeon Breathing is non-invasive and works via a meditative motion of body parts associated with specific symptoms. For instance, kicking the feet together cools hot flushes. Conversely, relief from cold chills comes from performing arm swings and shoulder lifts to boost circulation.

Whether you are having a rough menstrual cycle or menopause, lower back pain and muscle strain can be incredibly limiting. An easy Danjeon Breathing pose can help release that tension, using easy movement with a meditative focus. You lie down on your stomach, lift your legs and swing them from side to side.


Menopause strikes women at many levels and lead to annoying bouts of forgetfulness, frustration and diminished confidence. With Danjeon Breathing you bounce back with attention, by squeezing your wrists and waist,this helps send more oxygen into the brain to naturally reinforce your clarity and confidence.

The only difference between going through menopause now rather than a thousand years ago is that now we rely on pills and potions to control the symptoms of menopause. For centuries, women in the east have employed Danjeon Breathing’s natural approach of attention, visualization and motion and this method has suffered because it works. It worked then and it still works now. On top of that, relief comes quickly and there are no unpleasant side-effects to be worried about.