How To Cope With Job Stress And Household Duties?

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Stress In Women: Coping With Job Stress And Household Duties! Two girls are close friends. One gets the job; the other is the homemaker. The prior complains about the work stress. The later has the strain that her friend has the job and she doesn’t have work! The first kind is the work stress and the other kind is job-related stress.

Let’s understand it

A woman is affected physically in addition to emotionally in every kind of job. For, mostly it’s the case of double responsibility of office job and family responsibilities for her. Even if she participates national aids and attendants, there’s absolutely no complete escape from the family responsibilities for her. A woman is more attached to her home emotionally. Therefore the degree of anxiety will be longer if the hours of work are irregular and unpredictable. Shift duties also increase the woes of lady.

If she’s a part-time worker she’d always compare herself with complete time colleagues and their emoluments. Such petty jealousies also increase their stress. The best factor that adds to stress in woman in regard to her job is the unresponsive management and its lack of support to her normal expectations as a worker. In most work places the complete time employees are more respected.

Did you know?

The facilities given to them are more and this produces a branch and friction amongst the numerous workers. There’s not anything to improve their morale they’re feeling. An undercurrent of unhappiness always flows inside them. This impacts their performance and they create a feeling inside themselves,”why should I work more than that?” Work isn’t worship to them; they simply continue for the sake of carrying on. Women are more sensitive when compared with men.

A specific stress thus affects them over the guys. To a given situation, both will respond in a different way. The critical point of men’s lifestyle is the job, for girls it’s always home and loved ones. Many times she must pass through the intervals of dual stress- stress from the household and stress in the work environment. Another job-related stress is that the environment in which she works. Sexual harassment to women in their occupation areas is the most talked about and discussed subject of late. The issue is mostly individual with legal consequences. It concerns the woman particularly, not the women generally!


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