How To Control My Social Anxiety Problem?

Kava drink made from the roots of the kava plant mixed with water

Social anxiety is very common in our society. It’s estimated that up anywhere around 20 percent of the adult population is affected by some sort of anxiety, including social anxiety, at some point in their lives. The fantastic news is that social anxiety is a disease that can often be successfully treated.


There are a selection of treatments available for victims of stress in it’s various forms. These include counselling, medications of various kinds and a whole panoply of relaxation methods and other remedies. These may sometimes successfully include herbal remedies. These could be complimented with dietary modifications, the addition of exercise to the lifestyle and sometimes other vitamin supplements to offer you the chance to victims of any one of the dozens of kinds of anxiety of a complete recovery.

Herbal help

Many of the herbal stress remedies help to decrease stress and induce relaxation. These can include the use of Kava Kava and Chamomile, Skullcap, Siberian Ginseng and Valerian root.

Chamomile is often used as a relaxant. It can be brewed and taken as a tea, or else it could be added to bathwater and a lengthy and sooting bath taken. Jasmine can also be utilised as a relaxant in bathwater with terrific success.

There are lots of distinct varieties of herbs which could be helpful in relaxing anxiety sufferers. This relaxation can assist them in their search to conquer their affliction, and along with other remedies as explained above, can be particularly profitable.


However it is always important to consult a qualified herbalist before using any sort of herb as a treatment, just as it’s important to visit a physician for specific medical issues. And always use any recommended product just as instructed. Anxiety can have some serious impacts on the immune system because of the stress felt from the stress attacks. Often this may be alleviated somewhat the inclusion of various vitamin supplements to the diet.

It’s very important that the anxiety sufferer maintain a strong immune system. Additionally it is important to be sure that the individual maintains a great nourishing diet. This will also affect the immune system and help it to stay in good order. And paying attention to reducing specific foodstuffs in the diet may also be beneficial. For example it’s well worthwhile to decrease the consumption of caffeine and refined sugar. This will help lower the incidence of particular anxiety attacks.


Moderate physical exercise as often as possible is often suggested to help lower the incidence of tension and provide the person a physical outlet for any indicators of stress they might be experiencing. And it’s also well worth considering a new and relaxing hobby, maybe one like yoga, to help maintain physical and energy relaxation. Anxiety can be overcome. It takes some hard work and will power, and frequently some expert assistance. But anxiety does not need to be a life sentence.