How To Boost The Immune System Without Vaccination?

Vaccines have been a subject of debates for quite a while now. The proponents claim we owe it to the vaccines for not catching polio, TB, whooping cough and other horrible diseases. Opponents say we owe it to the vaccines for suffering insomnia, poor digestion and irregular desire, autism, and diminished immune defence.

Let’s understand it

Vaccines do not guarantee 100% that you won’t get sick from the very thing you’re vaccinated against. And lots of the diseases that we commonly vaccinate for’d been near-eradicated prior to the vaccines seemed. So, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Among the biggest problems with vaccines is that they introduce far more into your body than just the dead/weakened pathogen. Consider this: all vaccines have at least one of these ingredients: mercury, aluminium, MSG, DNA/RNA from animal proteins, antibiotics, antibiotics, etc.. These components, even in tiny amounts, aren’t harmless.

Once in the body, they could excite the microglia (microglia are the immune cells of the brain and the spinal cord). Because of this, the microglia can begin to malfunction and affect hunger, sleep, learning, and several other processes associated with the nervous system. One other problem with vaccines is that they create an inflammatory reaction in the body. Thus, if given to pregnant women, they may be particularly dangerous. The mother’s body is anti-inflammatory during pregnancy (that ensures that the baby isn’t rejected).

Good to know

When vaccinated, the mother’s body gets pro-inflammatory. This not only raises the possibility of rejecting the foetus, in addition, it increases the inflammation levels in the babies themselves. Because of this, infants whose mum’s were vaccinated during pregnancy demonstrate a much higher rate of neurological diseases in the future (autism being among them). OK, you say, even if mums prevent vaccines during pregnancy, how do babies avoid them after arrival and still be protected from polio, measles and whooping cough? Every mother must make that decision about her child!

If in doubt, I suggest you read up on the subject, do your own research and make up your own mind. One thing worth noting is that breast feeding is the best way to fortify your child’s immunity. Human milk (unless contaminated through alcohol, drugs, and anxiety ) already contains everything required in order for our immune system to develop properly. One other thing worth mentioning is that infants who develop whooping cough can be treated extremely successfully with high doses of lypo-spheric vitamin C and nothing else. Dr Susan Humphries is an MD well known for her success in treating whooping cough in babies with vitamin C.

Keep in mind

Although I don’t need to go so far as telling you to not vaccinate your child, I’d definitely advise you not to vaccinate yourself. Especially if you’re thinking about the flu shot – think twice! A simple influenza vaccine really makes you 5-6 times longer pro-viral. It can protect you from flu, but it just caused you to 5-6 times more vulnerable to other viruses. So if you did not have the shot you may or may not get flu. But if you had the shot, you just became 5-6 time more likely to catch different viruses.

Note that antibiotics (though they’re not of our concern here), make you pro-fungal and pro-viral in a similar manner. So, what can you to fortify your immune system (rather than having a vaccine)? Essentially, there are two things you can do. Good nutrition is the first one. Your gut accounts for more that 70 percent of the operation of the immune system. So what goes in your mouth is continually influencing your health. Eat loads of antioxidant-rich foods; cut out chocolate, coffee, sugar and alcohol (they’re pro-inflammatory); sip hot water (to assist detoxification); consume hot and easy-to-digest food.


Those simple changes will make your immune system quite happy and healthy. Another thing you can do to fortify you resistance is BodyTalk. Firstly, there’s a unique place in the BodyTalk protocol to help reverse the damage done by previous vaccination. If your immune system has been compromised because of vaccines from yesteryear, BodyTalk can assist with that. And when your immune system needs a boost as you’re going to go Thailand, we can help with this also. Most importantly, BodyTalk can help decrease your stress levels, that’s the number 1 cause for catching nasty diseases. Stress is extremely pro-inflammatory. With the strain gone, your body gets anti-inflammatory, thus it’s no longer a fantastic host of pathogens. Viruses and bacteria do not flourish in anti inflammatory problems. Therefore, rather than taking a vaccine (making you pro-inflammatory), do BodyTalk or take up meditation (or better yet – do both!) . Do anything you can to calm down and switch off the stress. Subsequently, your immune system will thank you by remaining strong and keeping you healthy.