How To Be Safe Against Assaults On Campus?

Emergency blue light pole in quiet wooden foot path area

A recent study indicates that women outnumber men on college campuses. I believe that’s a terrific thing because for a long time women have been in the minority in a number of areas – college registration included. With the influx of women on college campuses throughout the nation comes with an increase in the amount of crimes committed.

Self defense

Female self-defense and personal security for women on campus is a popular topic nowadays. Date rape is at an all-time large and assaults against women on campus are on the rise. It’s true that nine out of every 10 private crimes are committed against women. It’s just always been that way, sorry to say! When you have attractive young females on a school campus surrounded by men 18 to 21 year olds that are high on hormones and might use drugs or alcohol you’ve got the possibility of disaster.

Young girls and parents of these young girls on campus should be on heightened consciousness and brush up on their self-defense abilities to begin with. One of the things which they should do for feminine self-defense would be to consider carrying some self explanatory things to improve their personal security. Self-defense items aren’t deadly and are intended only to provide you an chance to break free from a threatening situation to seek help.

They don’t result in any long-lasting harm to an assailant. Among the best self-defense items is the Pink Cell Phone Stun Gun. It’s 5 million volts in a little package that appears the same as a normal camera cell phone. So it will not go off accidentally, there are two degrees of security. The stun device also includes a bright LED flashlight and features a distinctive pink carrying case and a belt clip. Because it’s a Stun Master product, it’s a lifetime guarantee.

Panic alarms

I also urge personal alarms also referred to as panic alarms. They are basically nothing more than really loud noisemakers in 125 dB and occasionally more. If you feel threatened or are in imminent danger, sound your panic alarm and two things will happen. First, it is going to frighten off a prospective assailant and secondly it’ll draw attention to a situation since it can be heard from as much as a quarter of a mile off. There are numerous unique varieties, but they all work the same way and they are all very inexpensive.


So for young girls on a college campus brush up on your feminine self-defense abilities and carry some self-defense products. This will enhance their personal security and personal security. Make certain that you check with the campus law enforcement office first before buying a stun gun. In some states and cities they aren’t legal.