How To Be Prepare For An Attack In A Parking Garage?

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You’ve seen it happen so often in the films – the lead actress is attacked by way of a drug-crazed criminal in a parking garage. She’s minding her very own business while attempting to catch her keys in her purse when suddenly, she gets grabbed by way of a criminal. In the final end, the girl gets victimized.

Keep in mind

Can you take delight in the known proven fact that it just happened in a movie rather than in true to life? Well, it is time to start watching the news headlines because this type of thing happens in true to life. Parking garages are notorious as stomping grounds of criminals. It is because they are able to escape the crime scene without anyone witnessing what they did easily. It’s wise to prepare yourself so that you can don’t be a victim.

  • Avoid parking in a dangerous parking garage. A whole large amount of parking garages aren’t secured. In addition, a whole large amount of them can be found in a dangerous neighborhood. Avoid these parking garages.
  • Park in a strategic area. If there is a guard stationed in the parking garage, park near his post. You can even park close to the entrance or the exit where there is a steady blast of people. It is also smart to park in a well-lighted section of the garage. You can even check for security camera systems and park within an area included in a camera.
  • Don’t park facing the wall. If you park facing the wall, you should have your back turned contrary to the open area and you also won’t be in a position to see if someone’s already sneaking through to you.
  • Prepare yourself together with your keys. The few extra seconds that you may spend right outside your vehicle fishing for the keys are necessary. Have the keys in your hand so that you can enter your locked car immediately.
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings. Don’t space out while walking towards your vehicle. Scan your surroundings. If you visit a potential danger, notify a security guard.
  • Change your parking habits. Parking in exactly the same spot every single right time gives criminals the opportunity to observe your habits. They are able to gather information they can use against you.
  • Understand how it is possible to defend yourself. Of your day by the end, it’s also essential that you learn how to defend yourself against these attacks. Learn self-defense techniques and arm yourself with a self-defense gadget just like a stun pepper or gun spray.


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