How To Be A Feminine Woman?

Middle east middle aged woman model posing in spring with a flowers blouse around a park in Bremen.

What do women really want? The solution is rather simple: to have a definitive state in their lifetime, and to recover their self esteem sufficient enough to self control and openly express their irrepressible love, joy and nurturing qualities. For thousands of years women have surrendered their power to men.

Let’s understand it

This has become so ingrained in the feminine psyche that women in many cultures around the world see themselves as second class citizens, and really believe it’s divinely decreed that they subjugate themselves to male dominance. Some male dominated religions in addition to political regimes still apply this belief under pain of extreme sanctions for non compliance. But the time has come for women to embrace the complete power of the wisdom and love.

Women are more successful than they give themselves credit for. The self-perpetuating illusion of having to be protected and cared for denies the self-determining creative power of women; denies them the expanse of being that is their birthright and intrinsically inherent in their femininity. In western society, this unfair prejudice against equality of the genders is slowly breaking down, but insidious remnants of contra-feminine attitudes still seem to surface in many areas of politics, business, sport, media and religion, to name a few. Can we expect guys to go out of the way to alter this gender bias? Hardly!

They have too much to lose; not the least of which, as many men are discovering, that as women reclaim their personal power and self-confidence in society, some men appear to lose their male identity, succumbing to a defeatist mindset of gender-swapping roles. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In reality, that isn’t what women want in any respect. It’s neither entry of one sex to another, nor dominance of one sex over another that serves the greater good of . This is the day and age when both men and women need to stand strong and liberally in their own unique and gorgeous gender roles.

Good to know

It’s our hope for the future that young men and women espouse the opposite gender in an attitude of joy and delight in their differences: equal and opposite. It’s these differences which, ironically, contribute to their own wholeness. As the upcoming generations enable themselves and each other to express their possible openly, with amazing joy and for mutual growth and satisfaction, life on this planet will radically change for the better. When will women give themselves permission to be completely and expansively alive: living and in the forefront of thought, of science, of creativity, of faith, of sport, of politics and of company? Remember that girls must bring to the table of all of these areas, their own unique and feminine qualities.

They don’t have any need to “make it” in a man’s world. As women’s wisdom rises and they start to think in their capacity to control their own lives in a powerfully feminine manner, our planet will discover that love and support are a lot more capable of breaking down the prejudice of differences than warfare and brute force. The growth of the wise and gentle power of the female will permit the forceful masculine need to control, to soften to a more enlivening energy, one which works together with its partner. In a world where both genders work together in mutual respect and balance, we’ll initiate an era of peace and expansion such as hasn’t been seen before.


It begins with uswith each person making a conscious shift in anticipation of another, an expectation which sees just generosity and love in the eyes of another. Let’s each make an effort now, so that our children and their children will know only joy and happiness at the entire expression of their sex. Marie Barrett is a writer and instructor of dynamic spirituality. Through her book, Holistic Wealth, A Guide to Creative and Joyful Living, and a number of other writings, she teaches how to incorporate spirituality into every area of your life, to create a happy and joy-filled life.