How Junk Food Make You Age Faster?

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Whenever your body is trying to heal itself, it requires the very best conditions possible. Clean air, clean secure, dry home, clean water and decent nutrition. Healing with a junk food diet is quite tricky. It’s like trying to perform it in a cluttered environment. Most recovery requires some inflammation as part of this process but a crap diet will create an excessive amount of inflammation resulting in prolonged infections.

Sinus issues

Sinus and lung problems are typical of this sort of junk food recovery delay. These issues often just tick along with occasional flare-ups, all of the while depriving you of your energy and wellness. To heal we will need to trigger our immune systems, and this means in part producing white blood cells. To create these cells you will need the ideal mixture of amino acids from great protein sources? To convert your protein to absorbable amino acids that you need good levels of hydrochloric acid in your stomach and pancreatic enzymes in your small intestine.

In addition, you require a healthy lining in your gut for digestion, and for this you will need to prevent junk foods full of sugar and omega 6 oils. Put simply you can’t cure properly while consuming junk foods. By crap, I include all processed foods, and grains, which con vert to sugar very fast and processed vegetable oils, that seriously disrupt the natural pharmaceutical manufacturing found in the endothelium in the lining in blood vessels.

Chicken soup

There’s some wisdom in the chicken soup treatment for colds and flus. Most of the old remedies made sense, lemons, plenty of fluids, honey, avoiding milk and mucus forming foods and getting a lot of rest. Even heavy smokers may stop when they have a cold. Then as if by magic their cigarette cravings return when they get better.

But this calls into question the wisdom of the high sugar foods typically served up in hospitals. To cure you need foods and beverages, which are great sources of amino acids, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, water, anti-oxidants and polyphenols.

Final note

The fantastic news is that it isn’t difficult to get all these you need by stopping the crap and embracing the organic health foods. You don’t have to be a health enthusiast, in reality it’s possible to eat really well and it is not even noticeable to the outside world. Eating well at home is simple, dining out requires a bit more effort but is achievable. You can do if your health is actually important to you.