How Do Women Gain Empowerment In The Modern World?

Portrait of young woman with curly hair in the city

I consider her as my new friend and a large sister. She’s actually five years over the age of me but honestly, she appears like my age. Year college because her younger brother is my pal and that connection i knew her since first, introduced us to one another. We first had a genuine and fun conversation when i asked her to permit me to market her business for my PRESENTING AND PUBLIC SPEAKING class- Speech to Persuade.

What to do?

She agreed and that has been the beginning of everything eventually. Ate Chum may be the person I’m discussing. I admire her a whole lot not because we’re sort of close now but because for me personally, she’s the very best example of a empowered woman. A female whose talent and creative thinking exudes the expectations of the modern and fashionable world.

Her unique approach on things made her realized to put on a house based- business (for the present time) of personalized denim bags along with other sorts you imagine that could be personalized. Literally, she’s the main one who designs the beadworks, denim paints, embroidered initials or names and what could have you. Moreover, she will not limit her works to an extremely few options of designs but instead she reaches cater the taste of her costumers.

Which makes her unique to begin with. At first, you will be sceptic on her behalf capability but as soon as you see her hand-crafted works, you’ll definitely jump on the fences of satisfaction. What’s so amazing and interesting about Ate Chum is that, she was started by her business on her behalf own. Discussing financial matters, it had been taken by her from her savings not to mention the added value of exemplary efforts, perseverance and an excellent mind made far her reach this.

Ate Chum’s attitude towards her dreams and wants actually motivated her to be what she actually is right now. Determined to satisfy her interests and goals in life enough. I believe that ought to be the attitude of each single woman. I recall she said, ” That is my hobby converted into business”, this statement enlightened me to utilize my skills and talents to be productive. I might not be as creative as her but you may still find other avenues where i really believe i’m best and you will be successful later on. It’s only a matter of your will to achieve success.


As a female, the only real shield which will protect you from the repressive society can be your belief and optimism that can be done things by yourself without having to be dependent to other folks. In this right time of globalization, we, women are called to compete not merely on a restricted selection of options but on a broad spectral range of possibilities.


Women internationally, could be outnumbered by men with regards to political and business participations but this will not imply that we’re much less good as them. Ate Chum successfully remarks herself on the business enterprise sector of our community just. There are many women that are making their names in the international arena i.e. Clinton, Rice, Oprah and jolie to mention a few. If we fulfill our roles and responsibilities just, then we’ll truly benefit from the spirit of productivity and equality.