How Do I Stop Gaining Weight In Menopause?

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If you are going through menopause and you discover that you’re experiencing weight reduction without changing your exercise levels or calorie consumption, do not worry nothing horrible is happening, you’re only gaining menopause weight. It happens to nearly everyone and its quite common to gain somewhere between ten to fifty pounds, give and take.


Menopause occurs at the later stages of your life and the time it takes can differ for each women and same goes for the quantity of weight they gain and why the gain it. There are a number of elements that lead to menopause weight gain, the primary reason being that as your body decreases in hormones, your system is thrown off its typical balance and can’t work from memory as it’s been all this time.

When your hormones are imbalanced, your body will naturally release insulin to compensate for it and this will make your metabolism change also, which makes it more difficult to lose weight and burn calories. Basically, the only way to stop gaining weight without turning to nutritional supplements and chemical based products is to eat fewer calories and burn more calories than previously, so your body is able to resume back into an orderly condition. If you are wondering if this sort of weight reduction can be stop or not, it can not be prevented entirely but you can make excellent changes to your everyday lifestyle particularly eating habits to reduce it.


Avoid eating foods that are full of fatty foods, sweets and so forth and assist you with loads of vegetables and fruits. You may even snack on fruits daily and try out many different fruits and dip to prevent snacking on chips, crackers and the likes of it. Besides that, it also helps to prevent caffeine and alcohol so far as possible and change sweet teas for mild ones with no sugars.

To add to this, it’s also wise to make a habit from exercising, if you do not have enough opportunity to work out daily then join an aerobics class, get a workout machine to keep at home or you may just go for walks once, twice or as frequently as possible throughout the week. It would be most effective to keep it constant and never break the workout cycle.

Another reason that contributes to weight gain during menopause is because mood swings, depression, anxiety and all that can make you a stress eater, indulging in high calorie foods like ice cream, chocolates or carbohydrates.

Final Tip

To prevent this from happening, keep your home free of junk and just have them available to your kids, not you. Also keep alcohol from your own through menopause also. If you are a stress eater by nature then have cut fruit prepared in the refrigerator or snack on a few nuts or berries instead. Once you understand what causes your weight reduction, it would be easier to remove the weight and lower the gain also. Take note of everything you eat, your exercise routines and frequently check your weight also. If you find it too tough to do that exercise piece, make it more fun by doing it with a friend, partner, and comparative or only have a workout buddy you can walk with each morning or evening, that way you can chatter together as you go.