How Are Menopause And Migraines Related?

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Women going right through menopause experience a number of symptoms starting from the less mild ones to the ones that tend to be more severe within their nature and effects. On the list of latter ones, menopause headaches add significant inconvenience in fact it is believed that almost five out of ten women have problems with menopausal migraine.


Even though intensity of the headaches decreases with age, it is very important consider their causes and possible remedies. Although their intensity varies, generally these headaches are associated with intense pain in the forehead, neck and temple. A person experiencing them becomes sensitive to bright light and noises because the pain increases extremely. It is popular that menopause is connected with wildly fluctuating degrees of estrogen in a woman’s body.

Hormonal changes

This change in composition of estrogen is among the major causes of migraine also, because it makes the brain’s vessels expand at a far more rapid rate than usual. Oftentimes, a hormone replacement therapy might worsen the headaches or prove ineffective in stopping them actually. However, other methods, together with the estrogen replacement, can be found to supplement the resistance against these headaches. It really is found that a few of the natural stress releasing techniques e.g. acupuncture tend to be more effective in overcoming the headaches when compared to medical options available nowadays.

Another good practice would be to recognize and steer clear of things that are thought to be the triggers of menopausal symptoms and episodes of migraine. For instance, obtaining a good night’s sleep (reduces stress) and maintaining your distance from certain foods e.g. chocolate, alcohol, MSG, and certain spices does a worldwide world of good keeping in mind the pain to the very least. Relaxing techniques like yoga, breathing exercises, therapeutic massage, pain management are popular among menopausal women also.

Presently, a way called biofeedback has been used being an effective counter measure also. It involves learning detailed information regarding outward indications of menopause and the factors that may possibly be causing them. An improved knowledge of this results in the adoption of a highly effective and proactive approach towards the uprooting of the headaches. Another important things that needs to be considered while coping with menopausal migraines is that certain should maintain a wholesome lifestyle and create a positive approach in handling the headaches.

Final note

Keeping a check up on your stress levels and resting whenever you can is essential. However, the truth that you’re experiencing severe pain in your mind ought never to be related to menopause alone. If the headaches persist, it really is advised to obtain a medical examination to raised determine their cause.. Research shows that only 14 out of a 100 women experience menopause migraines because of the natural phase they go through. There’s more often than not another contributing factor which may be cured with the aid of medical assistance.


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