How Are Female Entrepreneurs Changing The Face Of Business?

Two women analyzing documents while sitting on a table in office. Woman executives at work in office discussing some paperwork.

Working together with many ambitious businessmen, women of today are getting to be successful entrepreneurs by breaking loose from their conventional gender-specific roles. Female business owners have made a name for themselves (and made lots of cash ) in every business – from fashion to transport and even technology.


Recent studies also have demonstrated that female entrepreneurs are contributing to more employment in their countries and are creating market earnings. The successes of business-savvy girls have sparked other women’s interest of starting their own little businesses. But it’s not all a bed of roses for girls to begin a business. There are numerous obstacles faced by the girls due to their sex in male-dominant fields.

Lack of support

When a female starts a company, she might not be taken seriously, leading to her”advice” or”hints” being taken lightly. She might not be seen as an”expert” when compared to her male counterparts. Even family members and friends may cast doubt and think about the small business thought, fantasy or real business, a hobby or something to pass the time with. It’s here when girls have the chance to debunk that myth. Being assertive, confident and thinking in your organization, starts with you. If you do not believe, how can anyone else?

Limited funding

Although many smaller businesses do not require investors, many of them do. For people who do, the procedure can be hard. Raising funds for a business is a complex process no matter gender. However, it can be problematic, as investors that are behind the curve, may search for male led businesses they think can grow because they have a misconception that women are not able to do so. A way to combat this challenge is by having a good business plan backed by actual financial projections, not dreams. Have faith and confidence your business plan will get you the cash.


Somewhere along the line of history, or maybe in the way some people were raised, our perception is that we want to be nice and please everybody. This is a mistake as it gives the impression that you are seeking other’s approval. While we should not shy away from our psychological being, as women in business, we should seek ways to discharge that emotional attachment to our companies, which might be holding us back from making tough decisions. We also have difficulty saying”NO” to specific demands and requirements, which may affect the overall success of the enterprise.

The dreaded three words

work life balancethe majority of women who aim to start their company are also running their households alongside. Missing out on special occasions with their families could be emotionally taxing as guilt begins to rear its ugly head. Balancing the time between the household and the company is the key to achieving success not only in business but also in general life. Carving out your day down to the second, may help keep things in balance. But remember to be flexible because as in life, companies are changing constantly.

Fear of failure

According to many studies, the fear of failing is the top concern for most women aiming to start a small business. Experts feel that we need several failures in our own lives to achieve that one victory. A 1″yes” after 100″no’s” will produce the entrepreneur more effective than when they never asked at all. Determination and persistence will keep girls from the game rather than on the sidelines as cheerleaders.


The future is bright for girls. It’s estimated that women will prosper and establish more startups in the next several years. Several pieces of research show that female-driven companies are expected to make up 50 percent of the company network in another 10 years. Women wanting to lead the way as entrepreneurs and that want to find ways to overcome the above-mentioned hurdles should try to find a mentor or coach that has an established system with quick results. Whether female or male, a shot in the dark approach will probably miss its target. As women continue to break barriers, they’re positioning themselves to get the financial freedom and grow their dream companies to the height of success.