Why Should Women Have Higher Expectations For Men?

Female legs with 2 arrows and question mark, painted on the asphalt.

Perhaps the reasons that guys cheat on the most gorgeous women is because beauty alone, irrespective of how much beauty, youth, etc. . has, is inadequate. The most beautiful of all women alive are proven to be abused. Something is missing. Perhaps what guys want is to be fulfilled in a limitless way. There might be a way. It can be to supply men with their unconditional love.

Notice this

All of us can have for something somebody does or to get something somebody gives to us we can be thankful if we are able to do something for, or give something toour . But we usually take things for granted and need continuous self or others’ interest. If we’re lacking in giving ourselves focus, or when the attention from others is lacking, we often choose, occasionally, to divert ourselves from that this lack of focus. While awake, and almost subconsciously, we provide for ourselves or our families.

Sometimes, we might divert ourselves with daydreaming: anticipation of the future, memories of yesteryear, or instead of or in addition to functioning we may go shopping and we might divert ourselves this way. Of course as well as working, cooking, cleaning etc., we might use our energy to come up with dramas and/or without knowledge, we might even provoke others just to be able to be diverted by what we subconsciously engineer TO happen. Women could use their energies otherwise, (of course this means continuing to utilize ones most accessible energy to provide for ones and ones families’ basic needs).

Women could start changing the world by setting up greater, or the greatest expectations for men. As an example, as in the play Lysistrata, (where women went on , withholding , until men ceased going to war), all of us girls could withhold all sexuality from our guys, until and unless all of the guys provided us girls with a realistic utopia, where basic needs for all was confirmed. Because of this, could be abolished, because all individuals would be provided with their basic needs. It would be reasonable then to expect that men could use their surplus energy to for unconditional love from girls. The girls, for their part, would choose who to give their unconditional love to, dependent on which guy supplied the most just, the most fair community.


Consequently, all men everywhere are competing to demonstrate he or his community provided more justice, ie less inequality, less crime , than another community. To put it differently, guys would band together to compete to create ever better and better, realistic Utopian communities, since the more Utopian the community, the more girls would arrive with unconditional love that has been created as a result of gratitude of being provided with greater and better utopias.


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