Why Are Women Not Standing Together?

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Hillary Clinton asked this question a couple of weeks back at Howard University -“why are not girls standing together to fight the medical and social injustices in this country?” That question came about from her earlier statement. I’m not sure I agree with that statement. Women, if they are Black, White, Hispanic or Asian, don’t come together.

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The question Senator Clinton should be asking is “why are not all girls standing together to combat the medical and social injustices in this country”? It seems to me women are simply not there to support each other. We will need to know to be a cohesive group, not held back by faith, color, or economic status. We will need to stand together so we’ve got a strong voice that’s heard.

If we stand together, we’ll have the collective capacity to create a difference in this nation. I’m one of 40 million and boomer women in the U.S.. The spotlight is on us since we have the purchasing power to be noticed. It’s our duty to be a powerful role model, for our friends, family and community. We must stand up for what we think. Our activities must be louder than our words, and we must protect our health no matter what.

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When we do not stand up for ourselves, once we do not have a voice, we become the victims. Victims don’t have any power and victims do not make change occur. Women do have a powerful voice, but nobody is hearing it. That voice is silenced. It’s stifled by fear. Too many times it gets an internal dialog. We’re reluctant to speak out for the wrong reasons.

What will other people think of me if I say what I actually believe? Will my boyfriend or husband walk away if I tell them what I truly want? Will my kids stop loving me, should I set boundaries for them? Questions that never get answered because they never get voiced. All I need is for women to inquire, what does quiet create?


First look at your individual challenges and take it one step farther. It will help create a world of escalating violence, degradation of women, a population of unhealthy people and discrimination – both gender and racial. A strong voice is necessary to make these wrongs right again. Our world needs strong girls. Women that aren’t afraid to be girls. So let us stand together and once we see something that’s extremely incorrect, stand together to make it right.