Which Are The Problems Of Working Women?

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How much ever we disagreement concerning equal rights for women there’s always room for discrimination and insecurity among the society we live in. Why this distinction? Women too are capable of coping with commitment and attaining a opportunity to live with dignity and respect.


There’s an equal balance of ability, spark, strength to take care of the corporate pressures and technical proficiency in girls also. Managing one’s family and one’s working life isn’t a simple task. Women must take care of both private and professional life and give it equal significance. Both would be the prime motives, they can’t be partial with either of the two. But the story doesn’t end here, workplace barriers and pressures further complicates the situation and start at the recruitment stage.

Managing gender bias issues and sexual harassment are major issues in the corporate world by which girls have to survive. Also every person deals with a situation in another way. The motive is still the same but only the execution of this strategy changes that’s extremely obvious as two people can not think the same. The fact that women also can think practically and cope with challenging circumstances is not entirely accepted by our society as they’re yet skeptical concerning this aspect. Among the most shameful and soul wrenching challenge that a woman faces is sexual harassment in her workplace.

This action can make a girl feel offended, humiliated or even intimidated. This is a universal issue and initiated as in today’s times a woman is regarded as amongst the vulnerable part of the society. Asking for sexual favors and other verbal or physical harassment may also induce a woman to resign and consequently lose her job in addition to her identity. This is usually because the victims fear to report to the higher authorities and issue a complaint regarding the same.

Did you know?

All girls in the corporate sector have attempted to prove their authenticity from time to time. We’ve seen that real hardwork is valued by a salary increase or a promotion but in the case of a woman there’s a rare probability of receiving an equal pay for equal position. As a result of exceptional performances even when a woman is given a higher position there’s gossiping concerning the compromises she should have made to make this position. This obviously exhibits a stereotypical thinking that’s been prevailing since ages.

After a maternity leave when a woman resumes back to work there are many chances that there could be complete changes in the environment of the work place and she might need to begin from the beginning and do additional hours for reimbursement of the leave that was assigned to her behalf on her pregnancy.


There are plenty of cases of self clashes where a woman is expected to take a step backward but mercifully times are changing and women are standing up for themselves if it’s seeing equivalent pays or even ethical and professional methods of conduct. Being a housewife or perhaps a working girl, both have its own share of issues and obstacles however dealing with anxieties and challenges results in creating a person more powerful and self sufficient, both qualities which are a must to survive in today’s dog eat dog world.


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