Quels sont les symptômes de la périménopause ?

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Menopause is a process in the normal development of girls. Premenopause affects nearly 70 percent of women now. Sometimes women might not realise what’s happening with them when they’re going through menopause. It’s quite important that women are informed that their symptoms might be associated with menopause.


These symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, vaginal itching, mood swings, insomnia or other sleep disturbances, poor memory, and basic itching of the body. Many women start to experience these symptoms for menopause while they continue to have their monthly cycle. The skin can become thin during menopause, which might be a cause for annoyance. This is a problem since skin will start to lose its elasticity. Women may also find that they start to have very oily skin also.

At this time, fine lines are more evident too. Women may also experience weight gain as a premenopausal symptom. The body’s natural metabolism starts to slow and drop down and consequently weight is obtained, sometimes at a quick speed. The”middle-age spread” is a phrase that’s often given to women who experience menopausal weight gain. Often women gain weight in their mid section, and it’s quite tough to drop the extra weight. Furthermore, some women may experience balding or baldness at this stage. Some women may develop undesirable facial hair.

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Other women report a weird impression in their skin called formication. There may be a feeling of crawling bugs or spiders on the skin. This may be a very unpleasant feeling. Not only do women experience physical symptoms associated with premenopause, there are also many psychological symptoms also. With many stressful symptoms menopause can really take a toll on your mental health. It’s extremely common for women to experience intense sadness when they are in this phase.

Women become concerned with their new look that just showed up so fast. Self confidence might be lost in certain women. This may result in extreme anger for many who don’t understand the shift. Some women may turn out to be rather anxious and avoid going out in public. With stress, some experience dizziness and even fatigue. Stress levels are drastically increased and several women use drugs to control their anxiety and emotions.


So what exactly causes symptoms of the menopause? Estrogen reduction is regarded as a key cause of menopausal symptoms. Some girls may report a diminished libido at this time too. Another cause of the symptoms is FSH. Follicle Stimulating Hormone FSH induces the rise and development of eggs during a woman’s menstrual cycle. When girls are coming later years in life, the woman’s egg becomes a lot more immune to the FSH hormone. Because of this, the ovaries of the girl don’t produce as much estrogen that’s needed.


Essentially, slowing production of estrogen is largely related to when a woman begins premenopausal symptoms. Any of the above symptoms should be reported to a doctor. There’s a huge array of treatments that are utilized to regulate the hormones within the body. Estrogen therapy treatments, and other non hormonal treatments are frequently used to treat symptoms. It’s necessary to get all symptoms assessed by a doctor so the best treatment is advised. Not all these indicators are strictly menopausal, they could indicate other conditions also. With good treatment from the doctor, a woman can live a normal life without the bothersome symptoms of the natural part of life which all women will experience.