What To Know About Women And Spirituality?

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India of the Vedas entertained a great respect for women amounting to worship. Louis Jaccoliot, the French author, had said:”Here is a culture, which puts the woman on a par with the man and gives her an equivalent place in the household and in society.”


It finds an important place in the faith of ancient civilizations -such as the Vedic- and this should be of relationships, that of a mother and child is the funniest, lively, natural and appealing. By switching to the highest in spirituality, lady can influence people whom she loves to aspire to the highest. She has to be an illustration in her spiritual quest for her children and other relatives to emulate.

The spiritual quest is all about truth, harmony, love that’s universal. It’s also to do with freeing oneself in the finite and exploring itself to recognize which is already there: Divinity Within. Swami Vivekananda viewpoints woman exactly as he sees man, a person with a fate. In the world of the pursuit of spiritual realization that is the maximum reach of lifestyle, woman in addition to man must walk in one file.


Perfect liberty, liberty and responsibility are involved with the person, be it man or woman, who longs for God alone. The mother aspect of God is glorified in our Hindu scriptures. In the Saptashati hymns to the Mother, Her Divinity is acknowledged. Mother is the first manifestation of Divine Energy.

God is Mother in the sense of becoming an embodiment of love, compassion and sacrifice. Nevertheless, all of the necessities of life and its own actions and energy required for this, rely upon Shakti or the Universal Mother. All girls are forms of the Divine Mother. In Christianity, the worship is for Mother with the child Jesus in Her arms. In Her, is the sign of the very purified soul. In Islam, women are held in high esteem for the upkeep of the family.

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During the time of Prophet Mohammed, girls were independent and admired for decision-making. In Sufism also, feminity represented the’good soul’ which comprises the seed of divinity within. To Swami Vivekananda God is the mother of all reation. A country that has taught itself to look upon God as Mother has learnt to commit its view of girl with the utmost tenderness and reverence.

Swami Vivekananda is the first monk to uphold and perform work for the liberty and equality of woman and realizing the perfection inherent inside her function both in the home and society. This is the technique of practical spirituality that will help girl to combine social and energy sense with poise, peace and inwardness. The Brahmavadins of the Upanishads, the Their Nuns of Buddhism, the Nuns of Jainisn earlier period and the Bhairavi Brahmani, one of the Gurus of Sri Ramkrishna, in our own times, proclaim the liberty of woman to scale the heights of spirituality. We are more free with our mom than anyone else. We open our heart more openly to our mother than to our dad.

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There’s no God greater than the mom. It’s the mother who protects us. She sacrifices her all for the sake of her children, besides she intimidates us, consoles , cheers nurses and us us. She’s our first Guru. In the spiritual field in addition, the devotee(the religious kid ) has more intimate relationship with Mother Durga than Father Shiva! And what makes this abundant glory at the mother is her self-effacing compassion and love that’s a mark of high spirituality and authentic culture. Mother’s grace is boundless.

Her mercy is illimitable. Her power is immeasurable, Her Glory is Her brilliance is indescribable. Approach Her with open heart. Lay bare your heart Her with frankness and humility. Be simple as a kid. Kill ruthlessly your egoism, cunningness, selfishness and crookedness. Make a complete, unreserved, ungrudging surrender to Her. Sing Her praises, chant Her name and worship with complete faith and unflinching devotion. It connotes a largeness and richness of character and a steadiness and strength of character with enormous inner energies introduced but held in poise and simplicity, making for efficient function without fuss, and wide-field work without friction.

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In a Seminar held in Perth City Town Hall, Australia in 2005 on an interesting topic”Divinity Within:Women and Spirituality” it’s been brought out that one of the women of varied religious and religious groups in a common platform to work collectively towards a common goal through cooperative participation, share their expertise and perspective of being both girls and religious beings, define a woman’s role and relationship with the religious keeping the focus on the female qualities like compassion, interdependence, grace and balance. Further they could analyze and assimilate the idea of oneness to other people, help foster peace, tolerance and stability on earth.

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