Que doivent savoir les femmes sur la ménopause ?

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Pendant , issues with constipation isn’t a new thing. This may occur because of series of hormonal imbalances. , an unhealthy lifestyle, stressing over pesky signs of menopause adds to the complex condition that’s constipation. Clearly constipation may manifest on the very first stages, mid-stage or in the last stages of menopause.

Le saviez-vous ?

Whichever stage problems of constipation decides to reveal itself, it’s during menopause you’ll have these unpleasant signs and symptoms like infrequent bowel movements; smaller, drier and harder stools that are difficult to pass out; feeling bloated and lethargic; feeling of incomplete elimination of stools even when completed the deed; excessive and intense straining during regular bowel movements; and specks of blood on the stools. Clearly causes of constipation greatly varies during menopausal stage. It might be due to one reason, two motives or a combination of both reasons.

Some of the most frequent causes are associated with constipation during menopause like the factor, slow action of the gastrointestinal tract as well as the extreme demands of the aging liver. Additionally, plenty of drugs that are used by women for relieving unpleasant menopause symptoms have side effects and can result in constipation. Usually the suspects are drugs used for lowering , heart medication, and iron supplements, antidepressants, tranquilizers as well as pain killers.


Add to that a lady’s unhealthy with considerable amount of processed and fast foods, inactive lifestyle and reduced water intake. Another thing is that most women if not all, are obvious for pigging out on comfort and junk food when stressed, and you can just imagine how stressful it is for a woman going through menstrual period. Furthermore, going through menopause and overcoming problems with constipation at exactly the same time is a significant balancing act.

Along with eliminating constipation, girls are fighting the adverse effects of menopause with , et on peak of the list. And if not dealt with, may cause et ou disorder. To balance menopause and constipation, here are a couple constipation remedy that should avoid and these are remedies that contain senna, cascara sagrada and aloe since these compounds have adverse effects on menopause remedies.


The best thing that you will need to do to avoid issues with constipation during menopause would be to consume high fiber food such as fruits and veggies, increase water intake and exercise. You might also consumed these organic foods such as prunes, figs, psyllium seeds, dandelion and rhubarbs.


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