What Is Your Self Defense Philosophy?

In the U.S., criminologists have taken the opportunity to survey predators which are behind bars. When shown a frequent street scene, each predator picked the exact targets as possible victims. This isn’t a coincidence. This exact same test, with the identical street scene, has been repeated too many times to be brushed off as coincidence.

Bon à savoir

Therefore, it’s vital to avoid looking like a goal by any means necessary. But how, what signs do we as people give off into the criminal element? First thing a predator looks for in a victim is somebody simple. Someone who looks like they may be overpowered and not put up much of a struggle. If we use the analogy of the wolf stalking a herd of deer, the wolf is looking for a simple lunch. He’s not interested in searching for a challenge. Predators on the street don’t want to risk being hurt, so that they choose their goal who is going to be the smallest amount of work.

What to do?

Some simple actions to avoid being chosen as an easy target:

  • Don’t seem intimidated or fearful, even when you’re. Walk with confidence and a feeling of purpose. Head up, shoulders back and eyes open, look as if you know where you’re going and require long, unhurried strides.
  • Don’t scurry like a timid mouse, but as a female lion. If you’re walking to your car, have your keys out prepared.
  • Don’t fumble around in your purse searching for them. This way a would-be-attacker will most likely move on to an easier target.
  • Avoid walking with your hands in your pockets, so make certain to keep at least one hand free.
  • Look at the face of anybody coming, this way you can judge their intentions and it shows you’re alert and aware of their existence.


Most attackers are searching for somebody who hasn’t noticed them. A predator will frequently use the element of surprise to obtain an advantage. Being aware of your environment and people around you are able to erase picking you as an easy target. One exercise I use self defense course is to get my students to spend a week playing the offender.

What could I do, where would I hide, how can I surprise an attacker? Constantly asking yourself these questions will create an awareness of your environment and potential danger zones. Another exercise is to know about safe harbors. Spend 1 week constantly searching for safe harbors. Ideally banks, liquor stores, etc. are perfect safe harbors as they normally have video surveillance cameras. But only if they’re open of course. Any open business may be a safe haven. Large groups of people are also a safe haven as this makes you a tricky target.

Furthermore, create a habit of discovering all of the exits. Regardless of how familiar a construction is, however well you feel you know your environment, continue to find all possible exits. This can be immensely beneficial if you’re not the goal, the company is. Robberies and rampage shootings are both on the increase. Developing a habit of locating exits may supply you with a secure and hasty exit from a potentially harmful situation. These can all attract attention to yourself, thus increasing the probability of your attacker fleeing to an easier target.

Don’t be a victim

Become proactive in your personal security. Do not count on others to keep you secure. Unfortunately violent strikes and strikes against women are on the upswing. Take responsibility for your personal security, and especially teach your daughters. Discuss these and some other ideas with neighbors and friends. And bear in mind, never stop fighting. Lastly, report any incident to the government. This may save somebody else later on.