Qu'est-ce que la Révolution tranquille des femmes ?

Black woman wide opened left eye close-up

Women are the compassionate evokers. Their inherent character births ideas to the world, co-creates and nourishes the spirit of Earth. Women have changed voting laws, right to work legislation and equal pay alterations and still went home to cook, clean and change diapers. Women enforced laws against drunk driving as they murdered their kids. Women see, feel and act in the name of justice, equality and humanity.

Let’s begin

The fate of the world is encoded in their hearts and spirits. As girls, we collectively must reply to the 17-year-old Iraqi woman who had been stoned to death, to the displaced children, to global warming and illiteracy. Why us? The answer: If not us, who else? In 1992, Women in movie inducted Barbra Streisand in their Hall of Fame. In her compelling speech, she concentrated on the challenges that women face in all aspects of the society. I think her inspirational words are applicable now and serve to remind women of the choices that they still must make. We’re a remarkable breed. We’re the women from the’hood’ – sisterhood that is.

We contain the power of the female instinct, a profound wisdom. Nature made us to be creators – to give life. I believe we have a duty to reflect that in our work. I look forward to a society which accepts the fact that girls can be many, many things, powerful and vulnerable, intelligent and sexy, opinionated and elastic, mad and forgiving – deep thinking in addition to deep feeling. They can get PhDs and manicures; they could contain the masculine and the feminine.

Prenez note

Women’s Liberation swept America clean of the Victorian age forever. President of the USA and CEO’s of huge corporate conglomerates, adopt orphaned children and trigger a peace march. Although women now assert their voice at work and the political arena, there’s still a ways to go. The influences of the female are few in number. If we take a microscopic perspective within every woman’s heart, we’ll see the compromises most make to fit to a mostly dominant/male society which chooses war over education and peaceful tolerance. Our world requires a more subtle, quieter revolution, a change of leadership that follows an intuitive and innovative character of a woman’s mind; we will need to look for new meaning in a world laced with chaos and driven by fear. Mankind has walked on the moon and we have yet to know the beast that rages war and dismisses the hungry and illiterate.

We assert American education is the most important product a child can have and yet, over the past ten years, roughly 350,000-500,000 students in grades 10th through 12th left school each year without successfully completing a high school curriculum, according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports on high school dropout and completion speed through 24-year-olds in america in 2000. In October 2000, some 3.8 million young adults weren’t enrolled in a high school program and hadn’t finished high school. The role of mother and wife has changed.

Bon à savoir

Women are no longer only caretakers; they are breadwinners. They’re no more waiting for Prince Charming; some are opting for single parenthood. They’re trading baking bread for building empires. Women are thrown everyday mixed messages through mass media. They’re guided to be strong, powerful and wise but despise your wrinkles and diet, diet, diet. Most of us can’t be an Oprah, Angelina Jolie or even Madonna. Most women can hardly make it through the day and the carpool line. In my practice, I’ve worked with hundreds of girls. Many struggle to keep their independence and integrity.

Even strong women often hide their personal truths. They’re having affairs, drinking and neglecting their children’s and their own needs. They are angry, fearful, lonely and terrified to harm their self-sufficient pictures or rock the boat of safety. They stay in passionless marriages and careers which look good”on paper” What is the reply to this endangering state of affairs? The remedy is to change the management of powerfrom without to within. The female nature is born to get and create. It retains the wisdom of intuitive understanding and the ferocity to safeguard life and recovery.

How it start?

It starts with: self-inquiry, meditation and imagination. The death of the 17-year-old woman has generated the ripples of the silent echoes of our understanding. As long as one woman or child is raped, abused or neglected, women, as the life-givers, need to self-reflect and stay vigilant in our development. One can’t change the world before one changes from inside. A guy is controlling – a girl is demanding and pushy. A man is a perfectionist – a woman is a pain in the ass. He’s assertive – she’s aggressive.

He strategizes – she manipulates. He shows leadership – she is controlling. He’s committed – she is obsessed. He’s persevering – she is stubborn. If he behaves, produces and directs, he is called multi-talented. If she does the same, she is known as vain and egotistical. It’s been said that man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Why can’t that be true for a girl? Breathe deeply and slowly before you start your day. Breath is the life-force that opens one up to hear the deeper voices of fire that live from inside.


What are my true goals? What do I really want my life to endure? Do I have the guts to voice my opinion? What brings me a feeling of well-being, enlightenment and liberty? Begin to write your own autobiography-track once you exchanged your power for security, quieted your courage to be able to conform, gave up your fantasies to please others? Ask: Why am I afraid to state and ask for what I want? What do I discount in me and around me? Are you saying I’m too busy, too tired and too helpless to change anything? Ask yourself why you think that? Are you living your life from have-to’s, duties and requirements? Journal: Think back to the time when you first felt inspired by someone or something? What did you do with this?