What Is The Shape Of My Body?

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You’ve grown up knowing that your shape is unique. Everything from top to toe around you is exceptional that is only a plain and simple fact. So with this in mind, it probably comes as a surprise to discover that in relation to the fashion business, you are not as unique as you think you are.

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Actually you, me and everyone else fall to a predefined body shape that’s been used as a template from the fashion industry for pretty much every garment that is produced. The secret to looking great so, lies in our ability to get clothes for our specific body shape. Needless to say, understanding our body shape is the first step in the process and if you are anything like me, you will have been oblivious to the entire body contour concept from the beginning.

Having taken on board the notion that you have a predefined body shape, you merely have to determine what shape you’re. This list is by no means definitive, but have a look and from the descriptions, have an honest guess at what your shape is.

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Armed with this understanding, your next shopping excursion ought to be less of an experiment and more of an exact science, and the outcome will be a very comfortable and ideally very confident and attractive person in the mirror. This body shape can be attributed to individuals who carry a little more weight in their mid section, giving the look of a round waist or “apple” type form.

Perhaps the most frequent and undesirable body contour of this body shape is attributed to individuals who gain their weight in their buttocks, hips, and thighs, giving an overall appearance of a pear. The curvy figure is among the toughest to fit for clothing because it’s represented with a narrow waist, shapely hips, and a complete bust. The classic “hourglass” figure.

As its name suggests, this figure begins narrow towards the top and gets wider as it gets reduced. Small, narrow shoulders, small breasts, little short waist with a large bottom and large thighs.

Another body shapes

The Boyish figure, the Skittle, the Vase, the Goblet and the Cello. Determining your body contour and understanding how to pick clothes that flatter isn’t always simple and requires a great deal of honesty, and whilst many polls suggest that most women believe that their body shape is the hour glass, the fact is somewhat different.

The fantastic news is that when you understand, you will select your clothing with far more confidence, knowing that you’ll be wearing clothes that match and enhance your body shape. This last point is actually important because if you wear clothes that fit your body shape, you’ll see the difference right away. You may feel comfortable and consequently, you will feel a lot more confident.


To really make the most of your new found knowledge, have a look at the massive range fashion websites online and benefit from the numerous style guides and body contour selectors that many fashion websites have. Any style site worth it’s salt provides suggested garments and styles for the most frequent body shapes. Use them. And remember that the Internet never sleeps, and it will not criticise either.

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