Que devez-vous savoir sur la ménopause ?

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Menopause is part of a woman’s life. They can not do anything to eliminate it because it is already a part of the system. The female species must understand why they enter menopausal when they reach a certain age so as to make it more bearable, as opposed to going haywire and berserk when the initial signs and symptoms appear in their system.


Understanding the cause of why girls go into menopausal is 1 way to get the reason behind its signs and symptoms. For starters, this condition occurs when the female species have no working eggs in their ovaries. Their menstruation diminishes until it happens after 12 months. Estrogen levels drop that cause hormonal imbalance and other issues cropping up here and there in their own bodies. Normally, girls experience this condition when they reach their 50’s.

Asian women observed to experience menopausal early in their late 30’s or early 40’s. The signs and symptoms differ from one to another based on how their body copes with the changes. Keep in mind, however, that menopause does not happen overnight or a week. Perimenopausal takes place 12 weeks prior to the real condition kicks in. It’s in this phase that girls will experience irregular menstrual periods until it finally stops after a year. Women may experience unique symptoms and signs when they enter menopausal.


The hormonal imbalance brought on by low estrogen levels can result to hot flashes and night sweats, in addition to behavioral and emotional changes, such as mood swings, irritability, depression, sadness, anxiety attacks, depression, and sudden bouts of unexplained anger. The female population undergoing this condition might observe baldness or receding hairline, in addition to weight reduction due to unexplained causes or attraction to food to fight their emotional and behavioral issues.

Weight loss is possible as well, though many women find this a benefit as opposed to a problem. Sexual behaviors changes in addition to when girls go into menopause. The male inhabitants might observe their partner’s lack of sexual desire or may encounter painful episode during sex. Besides their decreasing libido, the dryness for their vagina might lead to laceration and bleeding — which makes the action painfully uncomfortable and excruciating.

Other signs and symptoms include urinary tract disease, water retention, skin dryness, uterine fibroids, food cravings, weakness or fatigue, memory loss, lack of concentration, allergic symptoms, and inability to become pregnant. Women are advised to seek the support of their medical care provider to fight the signs and symptoms, in addition to the distress and risk that comes with the illness. There are particular remedies available now that can help make the process bearable and painless.


Treatment varies depending on the intensity of the symptoms. Additionally it is best to allow a medical specialist monitor your levels in specific intervals to make certain that nothing big will happen in your menopausal cycle. There were reports of excessive bleeding and raising blood pressure that may lead to catastrophic results when left unattended.


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