What Are Best Nail Fungus Cures?

apple cider vinegar

There are many options for nail fungus remedies and “cures” available. These include over-the-counter (OTC) medications, prescriptions from a doctor, and products that you might have in your own home. This is a serious problem that many people have, but they don’t want to share the problem or their solutions. Nail fungus can be found on your fingernails but it is more common on your toe nails. It is difficult to “cure” and can re-occur even if it seems gone.

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This problem can be solved by keeping your nails clean and dry, and allowing them “air” breathe. Wearing tight shoes that are too tight can lead to nail fungus. This causes your feet to sweat and prevents your feet from drying out. This makes them constantly damp, which creates the perfect environment for this condition. There are many nail fungus treatments, but very few cures.

Start your treatment by wearing comfortable, “breathable” shoes that fit well. If you wear socks, choose cotton socks, preferably organic cotton. If possible, change your socks as soon they become damp. Alternatively, dust your feet with cornstarch before you dress. You can also buy socks that absorb moisture.

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You can use home remedies like soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar and water or rubbing apple cider vinegar directly onto your toenails three to four times per day. Dry it completely. You can also rub toothpaste on your nail-beds to treat nail fungus. This problem can also be solved by soaking your feet in warm water with sea salt. Nail fungus can be treated in as little as three months.

The “cure” is achieved by killing any fungus on your nails or nail bed. The fungus will not be present as your nail grows. Even if the problem is resolved, it could recur if you wear tight, non-breathable shoes for too long.


Prevention is the best treatment for nail fungus. This is one of those issues that once you have it, it’s very easy to get it back. Keep your feet and nails as clean as possible. Do not walk barefoot in a wet environment such as a gym’s shower or pool area. Flip flops and protective slippers are recommended.