Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t?

Demandez à votre partenaire/mari de faire la vaisselle et de préparer les enfants pour l'école, d'annuler le rendez-vous chez le dentiste et de réserver le dîner, le tout avant 10 heures du matin, et vous irez travailler en sachant que vous devrez revérifier ou faire vous-même. Les femmes sont capables de faire plusieurs choses à la fois, les hommes n'en sont pas capables.

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Nous pouvons discuter au téléphone tout en préparant les travaux scolaires, en surveillant le dîner et en nous peignant les ongles des pieds, tout cela exactement en même temps. Nous sommes plus rapides et certainement plus organisées. C'est un fait que, généralement, les femmes vivent plus longtemps que les hommes. En réalité, les femmes vivent cinq à dix ans de plus que les hommes dans de nombreux pays du monde.

By 2031 life expectancy is predicted to rise to 81 for men and 84.9 for girls. They could, but they would look a little silly. Women are capable of experiencing orgasm within seconds of the previous one, unlike men who really need a fantastic recovery period in between each orgasm to do sexually. The only pregnant guy I’ve ever seen was Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Junior” which was not great! Recent studies show that women are more active throughout life; girls do more of their’physiotherapy of daily living’, like obtaining the shopping in and doing the housework, and exercise protects against many long-term problems.

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Are harder than guys. Fact: There is growing evidence that women are biologically harder than guys. Scientists now know that female hormones protect women from cardiovascular disease and they think that the causes of women’s biological resilience must do with how women have evolved to perform their reproductive functions. It’s about gene survival. The mother should survive longest to take care of her young until they have the ability to fend for themselves whereas the men are expendable before – having done their bit! I’m not referring to those droopy fat pecs that some guys acquire with age.

Women nurture their young and mammary development is vital to the development of the young. We can alter our entire identity through union and keep the surname even after divorce. We can double barrel our own surname with that of our newest husband also! A much used’outside’ for girls from our teenagers to our late forties when menopause usually kicks in and serves as a better excuse!


Statistically, men are more likely than girls to smoke, with the consequence that more die before their period of lung cancer, other smoking-related cancers, and cardiovascular disease. It certainly helps to have discreet sexual parts! Let’s face it, a guy in a thong just does not cut the mustard. GPS aside, guys hate asking for directions. Women, on the other hand, prefer to have directions before setting off.


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