Should I Freeze My Eggs For Using Them Later?

Thawing cryosample taken out of cryostorage, text space

As you can imagine you’ll have to go pretty much through an entire IVF cycle with the exception of the egg fertilization and the embryo transfer. Basically, IVF clinics overseas will subtract the fee for the embryo transfer in the complete cost of your IVF cycle.

Take into account

Your all inclusive package will begin at approximately $8,400.This should include Menopur for ovulation stimulation (you may upgrade to Gonal F for an extra fee), egg recovery, egg freezing, flights and hotel accommodation for 15 days. There’s an extra $500 per year charge for keeping eggs/sperm/embryos with our practice. The complete price of all processes and the storage for the first year will probably be approximately $8,900.

Allow me to briefly explain the aforementioned fees associated with freezing eggs/sperm/embryos. The first charge is for freezing eggs/sperm/embryos and it’s a 1 time charge of $500. The next cost is for storing eggs/sperm/embryos and that cost is $500 each year. You should get a clinic that employs the most recent cryopreservation approach, which dramatically increase cryosurvival (percent of eggs/embryos which are living after thawing) of embryos.


Traditionally, IVF clinics used the slow freezing method that’s been used since the 1980’s. Our clinics utilize rapid freezing technique recently developed in Japan known as Vitrification. With Vitrification, the temperature is reduced at 23,000 degrees C per minute. That’s 70,000 times faster than in conventional strategy.

Such rapid cooling combined with cryoprotactant fluids prevents formation of ice crystals in embryos. Fertility doctors typically recommend freezing embryos as opposed to eggs. Statistics show that pregnancy rates are just as large in correctly frozen embryos as in new embryos that have never been suspended.

Final note

The exact same can’t be said for frozen eggs; pregnancy rates for frozen eggs are 15-20 lower than those for frozen embryos. Lastly, remember, if you decide to have ovulation stimulation done in the U.S by the regional OBGYN, you can cut down on the amount of days you will need to stay outside the U.S. 15 to about seven or eight. Moreover, you can ask the practice you’ll be working with to subtract the expense of Menopur or Gonal F from the complete price.