Self-Defense Myths?

an attacker with a knife violent attacking with a knife

Women’s self-defense is a topic that spawns several myths. Among the biggest myths around women’s self defense is that women are weak and not able to fight back. But that myth ignores the fact which it is possible to prevent most attacks by taking simple preventive steps that need no physical strength.


These are extremely effective-often they preempt the attack from happening in any way. Another is that crime occurs only in rough urban areas. The corollary is that a lot of folks let their guard down because they live in the suburbs or a “safe” neighborhood. The end result is that many men and women who use excellent street awareness whilst walking in the streets of Manhattan, are oblivious to their environment when going about their business in their own neighborhood.

While it’s true that crime might be more widespread in certain locales, the reality is that crime can and does occur everywhere. Just ask the police department of any “nice” quiet, suburban neighborhood. Most attackers like to select easy victims. They are searching for targets that would be reluctant or not able to fight back. And, ideally, the sufferer would be too befuddled to provide an accurate description to the police.


Attackers seek out targets who have their guard down. Try to get in the habit of keeping up an overall awareness of your environment even if you’re bored, upset, or believe that you’re in “secure” or comfortable land. And that includes the time when you’re engaged in the most regular of daily activities. Some months ago there was a spate of robberies of girls in Philadelphia.

They had just finished their grocery shopping. Each girl had shopped during the daylight hours and every was assaulted as she was engaged in unlocking the front door to her home while her arms were filled with groceries. The attacker came up from behind and surprised the girls. The girls were beaten and some were injured seriously enough to require hospitalization. When the attacker was captured he confessed he cased his victim from one of two area supermarkets.

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He followed them, knowing that when they got in their cars they were going to drive directly home to place the food in the fridge. When they came home, they were vulnerable-too obsessed with juggling bags of groceries while unlocking the door to take effective action. Who thinks of the possibility of predators at the local supermarket? Who would expect to be assaulted by a stranger in their doorstep in the middle of the afternoon? Do you look around to find out who’s watching you when you’re grocery shopping or in the local mall?

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Being aware of your environment confers two advantages. First, it indicates to the prospective attacker that you’re not easy pickings. He’ll often just go on to somebody else. Many times you’ll never know that you averted an occasion. The second benefit is that your consciousness may provide you a warning that something is amiss-enough time to run, scream, or perhaps just cross the road. A general awareness of your surroundings won’t prevent every crime or each attack. But just by keeping your eyes open and remaining awake, you have using one of the very best self-defense strategies for women (and men) you can use.