Qu'est-ce que la ménopause, déjà ?

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Menopause – Male and Female? When we approach the mid-life, out body goes through its most important changes since . Technically, this interval is known as “menopause.” It’s the stage of a ’s life when her ovaries stop producing eggs and her decreases and finally ceases, starting anywhere from the early 40’2 to the mid 50’s and generally carrying two to three years (the instance may vary for each woman).


La ménopause est confirmée si une femme n'a pas eu de règles pendant 12 mois consécutifs. Mais les hommes ne sont pas exemptés de la ménopause. Des recherches récentes ont fourni de nouvelles informations sur la ménopause et les problèmes liés à la chez les femmes et déficience chez les hommes, dont beaucoup ne savent pas comment gérer cette période de leur vie.

The reduction of estrogen for women brings symptoms like hot flushes, sweating at night, uncomfortable lack of lubrication in the and a more frequent need to urinate. About seven out of 10 women suffer these consequences in varying amounts. Also a slow but progressive loss of density or that contributes to a greater of fracture, et or even are symptoms, amongst others.

Doctors recommend keeping a regular regimen, limiting intake of , sugar and sodium, reducing alcohol intake, taking certain vitamins and minerals ( and vitamin E), keeping regular adequate program, replacement therapy (HRT), antidepressants, coupled estrogen/testosterone and carrying soy create plus a well-.


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