Pourquoi devriez-vous porter un spray au poivre dans votre sac à main ?

Une femme à la mode essaie de trouver la clé de son appartement.

Saviez-vous que toutes les 2 minutes, un devient une victime de ? That’s a very real statistic that becomes a reality for many women, but it does not have to be the exact same for you. Many women are not aware of the quantity of security and comfort which can be gained only from owning a simple, lightweight and easy to carry means of -defense, like a can of .

Spray au poivre

Also known as OC spray (oleoresin capsaicin) is so named because of its active ingredient, capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chemical derived from the plants of the , such as chili peppers. After the chemical is taken from the plant, it’s suspended in water and made into an to be used for self-defense purposes. Capsaicinoids are the reason for the violent effects of the potent spray.

Les personnes qui entrent en contact avec le spray ressentent des douleurs cutanées, des brûlures, des larmoiements et une cécité temporaire. En outre, cela peut également entraîner des spasmes du haut du corps, une toux incontrôlable et des bâillements. Ces réactions peuvent durer de 3 à 60 minutes selon la puissance de la solution, et la personne affectée ressentira les effets atténués pendant des heures après. Ce sont ces réactions réelles au spray au poivre qui en font un moyen d'autodéfense si efficace.

Bon à savoir

It causes a direct debilitation from the attacker by blinding him and causing him to cough uncontrollably, thereby enabling the victim to escape quickly and safely. The lasting effects guarantee that the attacker won’t be after, as he will be able to find the victim’s flight nor care about anything beyond the agony he is now . Keep in that each nation has its own laws about the sale and use of the self-defense measures like this.

Some states just have minimum age requirements, others mandate the strength and size. It is most commonly sold in little canisters, which can easily be carried in a handbag or pocket, and will be readily accessible without consuming an excessive amount of space. There are even belt holsters and key chain variations available, in addition to rings or even projectiles for a paintball .

Souvenez-vous de

While the paintball gun is slightly excessive concerning self-defense, it’s important to not forget that there are many sorts of pepper spray on the current market, and lots of distinct laws; do the study and select the spray which best suits your requirements. Defending oneself is an incontrovertible right, but not everyone feels comfortable with the concept of using a gun or both deadly weapon, even in protecting themselves or somebody else. And while and classes can provide immeasurable , there is actually no such thing as”too much security.” Pepper spray is a secure, reliable way of adding an additional layer of safety to oneself, and it’s one that everyone should have. Buy pepper spray, and keep it in your handbag.


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