Do Women Depend On A Man?

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While it could be alluring to have a large, powerful man pick us up and carry us caveman style, this isn’t the Stone Age era. Don’t be that little girl who wants her daddy to protect her so she expects her man to protect and shield her. Women are doing it for themselves in so many regions of life. What was once considered man’s work, girls are now doing something similar and better.

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Women and men don’t get this confused with the idea that a man isn’t to be a gentleman and a woman ought to be treated like a man. Men, it doesn’t mean that a woman who’s taking care of herself shouldn’t be treated with the utmost respect. Men, a Woman being your equivalent doesn’t negate the respect you need to have for her. She’s not usurping your position for a man. Women, doing for yourself doesn’t mean that you ought not respect a guy for being who he is. Doing for yourself means that you learn how to look after yourself, protect yourself (I do not mean birth control) and stand up for yourself.

It’s fine to expect emotional support from a guy, but not all guys know how to take care of problems. Therefore, if you leave your life in the hands of any person, you’re relinquishing your own personal power and when a man does not understand how to take care of things, it is only going to make matters worse for you. A man once said,”Truds, a man needs a girl who can handle herself and who will stand her ground. As how a woman does not wish to be a mother to her guy, a man also does not wish to become a father to his girl. If something gets out of control and he wants to step in, then he will. He wants to find that his girl is strong like a guy, can stand her ground, will not let herself be pushed around and that she is able to protect the family with or without him, possibly even protect him when it comes to that.

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A robust and powerful man are also the exact same for her. He also does not want to usurp her position as a lady and insult her by treating her like a fragile little girl.” That was some of the best information a man ever gave me. I was just leaving my adolescent years and that guidance served to enable me to become a girl who can stand on her own two feet with or without a guy. Interestingly enough, when I left my teenage years, it had been guys who taught me the way to be a strong and powerful woman.

Women, standing powerfully in your own two feet don’t have anything to do with feminism. Does a guy being a strong, strong man has anything to do with male-ism? No it does not. It’s ridiculous to label a woman as being a feminist, a lesbian, a dyke or some other terminologies used in an offensive manner if this woman fails to be the little girl and have a guy think for her, or allow a man to do things in her best interest like she has no mind of her own. Some guys do not even know their own route, but they’re still expected to or they would like to dictate/lead a girl.

The truth isn’t all men can stand on their own two feet. They require a girl to think for them. Women, you can’t think for yourself and think for a guy too. Your mind will wreck and so will your lifetime. In precisely the exact same fashion, if you rely on a guy to protect, defend or be for you whenever you want it and he is unable to then your life will crash. As a young child, you needed your dad, your brother or even male cousins to protect you. If you had that, you might have carried over that expectation into your adult life expecting a guy to always treat you.

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You might have been taught that a man should guard his woman. I was taught that also, however, I wasn’t taught how to stand on my own two feet without a guy. If you didn’t have that, you might still be on the lookout for a person to protect you from the way your dad, brother, cousins should possess. Matter-of-fact, you might have gotten the incorrect attention from guys in your childhood. I will go deeper into more of this in another report. Whatever you had or did not have on your childhood, now you can create the life and presence you desire without having a person to look after you. Women, deal with your own well-being.

That’s your responsibility whether you have a person in your life. Even if you’re in a relationship with a guy, still stand on your power and treat yourself. Allow no one to think for you. Own your own mind, own your life and guide your steps. Do not set a guy or anybody else for that matter in control of your life. Become full in yourself so you will be attracted to a guy who’s also complete on your own.


When you’re standing strong and strong in yourself, managing your lifetime, weathering the storms of life by yourself, having a guy who suits that you are is paramount to anything. You want somebody who will complement you, not someone who completes you. Anything other than that will only serve to make clutter and chatter in your head, thus causing chaos, confusion, maintaining your life stuck, awakened and derailed. You can’t have that. You want to have your psychological state clear of any clutter and chatter. You want to have your mental state concerning you. When you clear the mess, chaos and confusion out of your mind then you’ll have the ability to direct your life POWERFULLY!